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This is something i never saw since the first time i joined Yes i never saw such many offers available for me in a day which is there is 41 Available offers. Refer picture below.


I was like, Wow! 41 review offer? This is unbelievable! So To be honest am so excited to saw so many offer for me today. Imagine having it all in my post? Well 41 * 8usd (this will be around 320USD ++) am i right? well that is not bad at all. But…the problem is i can’t even reserve one offer to my account. I do not know why but everytime i want to post below error occured


As you can see there, it say i might already reviewed this offer or reviewed order already met. I was like ha? I never even saw this opportunity previously how come it say like that?

Hmm i am not sure why, perhaps some of you who faced the same problem with me can share in the comment section right? please tell me what is your view on this matter.

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Here are 10 of the worst myths about networking, and their current, more sensible replacements:

1. Networking means meeting as many people as you can.
If possessing a huge stack of business cards or having met every business person in your city was a ticket to riches, this might be true. But it’s not. Networking gives you a chance to meet new people, but quality trumps quantity in human relationships, every time.

2. Networking means telling people about your business whenever you get a chance.
There’s nothing wrong with letting the folks at your gym, at your place of worship, and at your book club know what you do for a living. But people will quickly forget the details of your professional life. What they’ll remember is you — if you approach them with a desire to learn about them, as well.

3. Networking is hard work.
It may be that you’re working too hard. Networking happens naturally if you introduce yourself to people, stay in touch with people you’ve met, and think, in every interaction, “How could I help this person?”

4. Networking should start when you’re job-hunting.
If you get the call that you’ve been selected to compete on “American Idol,” it’s too late to start an exercise program or go on a diet. When you’re out of work, it’s a bit late in the game to start networking toward your next job. If you have to start then, do it; but it’s far better to start networking now, and build contacts for the job search that will inevitably come your way if you’re a working person who isn’t close to retirement.

5. Networking is for schmoozers.
Schmoozing is by far the least important networking skill. Good listening is far more useful to a relationship-builder than the ability to spit a thirty-second elevator pitch into someone’s face.

6. Networking is only for entrepreneurs.
If you don’t believe that having business contacts and experts at your disposal would be useful for you as a corporate person, talk to any top business leader and ask his or her opinion. It’s essential to be connected to other professionals, not just for “it’s-who-you-know” reasons but in order to get perspectives on your business and career issues that are different from?your own.

7. Networking is a waste of time.
Your networking time will surely be wasted if you approach each interaction as an opportunity hawk your wares. Ditto if you believe that your job as a networker is to tell every person you meet all about your job search and express no interest in him or her. If you can get past these bad networking ideas and cultivate some relationships, your time will be well spent.

8. Networking is expensive.
Joining a Yahoo! group is free. The popular networking site LinkedIn has a free membership level and 15 million users. Plenty of face-to-face networking events in your town will cost you nothing more than parking or bus fare.

9. Networking is phony.
If you go to a party at your sister’s house and meet her boyfriend’s dad, is your conversation phony? Networking conversations need not be any different than any other interactions between new acquaintances. It’s up to you.

10. Networking is a thing of the past.
Person-to-person relationships are more important in business than ever. If anything, networking is a thing of the future.

Liz Ryan is a 25-year HR veteran, former Fortune 500 VP and an internationally recognized expert on careers and the new millennium workplace. She is the author of “Happy About Online Networking,” a popular speaker on workplace and work/life topics, and the leader of the global Ask Liz Ryan online community. Contact Liz at

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Hmmm am not feeling well today enjoying my headache until now and took my medication but still the headache is there. Watched Movies the whole day, what a great day ha? Hehhe i don’t know if this is a great day, hey at least i got my off day and spend the whole day at home, free from the stress office life.

Been thinking the whole day beside watched some boring movie today… So i came up to think that we can actually make money buy just doing a very small investment.

But How?

Take into account you want to start a blog, and the main reason you want to start your blog because you want to make money from blogging. You are not going to sell anything on your blog or physical product, you are just doin writting job.

So in order to start you need to get your hosting server and domain name. I would say, you are going to spend around $120. Where the USD110.00 goes to your hosting server while another $10.00 goes to your Domain name. This is only an estimation, you may be able to get a better deal from the amount i mentioned.

The next thing to do

I supposed you already got your hosting server and domain name too, now setup your wordpress blog (or some others blogging platform) if you do not know how to do this try to ask your hosting provider if they provide this server for free. on the other hand, you can also ask your friend who knows about this.

By now, you already have your blog running smooth…play around with the admin panel (dashboard) start posting and develop your blog content.

Get your Blog Index

after everything setup, your work now is to make sure your blog indexed by google search engine, the fastest way to do this is by submitting your blog content to Apart from that you also need to submit your blog to a free search engine submission site. example (search it at google using this keywords: free search engine submission) and you should find so many site providing the service.

Make Money

there you go! you are just one step from doubling of what you already spent for your blog. Yup No kidding, the fastest way to make money with your blog is to do paid posting or paid review. So i am going to list all the site you can register to make your first money.

I sort them out based on ranking ( i mean, the best money making provider)





There is lots more money making opportunity, however i don’t make money with them, so i don’t list it here.

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