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I want to purchase a new digital camera for my photography. I am looking for a more amateur/professional camera for nature photography. I need one that can do the following, preferably: One that takes very high res images. One with a good/fast zoom since I take a lot of close-up pictures of very small things and landscapes you cannot get real close too. Something that can take a little movement. Be a small tremor from me, or movement from the subject. Would prefer a view finder then a screen, but not a must. Something that can take a little moisture and some shaking. I hike a lot for photography, so it could get bumpy. I am also in the south, so the humidity is very high here all year round. I am not going to take it out in a rainstorm (it would be nice if I could), but a little moisture is going to be inevitable. I am looking to spend around $350-$500 on the camera.

Anyone know of a model that is good for this? Any personal experiences with it? Any sample photos? Help?

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