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How to grab readers attention and read your blog and make they come back again to read your blog? The most important things for a bloggers is to be able to attract visitor and bring in traffic to their blog. However did you know without a proper knowledge your blog will go no where.

So how do we actually attract readers to read our blog? how can we grab our readers attention so that they stop to our blog and read our blog content?

Here is the Rules and tips to grab your readers attention to read your blog:

1) Creative Blog Title

Make sure you create and choose the right blog title for your post. Eg:

10 Reason why you cannot make money with your blog

Why My Blog Rocks then yours?

10 Tips on how to blog and making money

2) When Posting an article

Ask question to your readers, Discuss the topic you want you readers to know

3) Let them be part of your post or article.

Relate all your post with practical situations or a real situations Where you user can feel they were in that kind of situation and this will trigger their interest on your blog post

4) Insert images / Photo

Every post should come with Picture / Images so that your blog doesn’t look boring. Remember human love visualization concept.

5) Content content content

Instead of talking nonsense or ramblings, Feed your readers with a great content and tips so that they feel it is worth it to read your blog!

Once you engaged this tips, you are on your way to build your blog traffic and Make money with your blog too!

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