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I’ve looked at similar questions and answers for this question but they both said the same thing: go to My Computer and then click on iTunes and then drag and drop what you want in notes, but I can’t seem to find where on my computer this is located. I have my iPod plugged in but there is no where on My Computer that says iTunes. I don’t even have a file called My Computer. Someone please help me.

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How long does it take for money earned on etrade become available for investment?

I just sold some shares on etrade yesterday. But i found the money is not available for investment today, although it is on balance. How long does it take to become available for withdrawal or investment on etrade? Any better broker? Thanks!

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What kind of cable and computer program do I need to record from a digital piano?

I have a Suzuki digital piano and want to be able to record myself using the computer. What kind of cable/connector cord would I need to plug the piano into the computer? And what kind of program/software would I use on the computer to record?

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How do I fix my computer so that my desktop background will center?

My computer is acting up and even when I click the “center” button for my computers desktop background picture all it will do is “stretch” the picture. “Stretch” is the only option of the several that my computer will do with my desktop background. Is there anything that I can do to fix this?

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How is a credit score for a small business established?

I started a small business 6 months ago that has been very successful. I have a business bank account, but have not done anything else to establish credit for the business.

I would like to lease a vehicle in the name of my small business and am curious if my business credit score would be too low?

Does anyone know a general guideline on how quickly a line of credit is established for a small business?

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What is a government balanced budget regarding consumption and investment?

When government spending = taxes, that means there is a balanced budget. When there is a balanced budget, do consumption and investment both increase, both decrease or does one increase and one decrease?


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Why is reputation important to the success of an investment bank?

Why are investment banks’ (such as Goldman Sachs) reputations important to their success?

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How does a Computer work from boot up to shut down?

Can someone explain what happens to a computer while the computer is booting up? Some general description of the products that are used during the boot up process. That would be helpful thanks.

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