2010 January | All About Money Online – Part 2

The particular website linked at the bottom specializes in giving novice/beginner forex-traders helpful fundamental information regarding large and detailed introductions on foreign exchange, forex-trading tips, concepts, fraud warning info, trading safety info and also excellent, detailed information on the Major currencies of the world and the Central Banks that go with it.
There is also an article written especially for novice traders, where a more advanced trader is writing about his experiences in forex-trading during one day. All these articles are for novices and beginners, but the very first link at the top of the list below is especially written for novices. On the home-page of the website, it will show the latest news on economies and forextrading and may help you while you trade. Hope this helps and its all for free.

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Is There Anyone That Lives In Brampton Ontario…that Can Help Me In The Forex?

Take my email ID mark_stifler59@yahoo.com

you may mail me all your queries about forex. I have been in this business since 8 years.

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How Might A Disabled But Talented Voice-over Artist Go About Getting A Home Voice-over Studio&software, Free?

I was disabled due to a reckless driver. I was not at fault. Any thoughts about how to approach a corporation, philanthropic organization or church regarding how to ask for the equipment/studio and software? I am very talented and can do the work but need the studio/equipment and software, for ease and turnaround, at home. This could be a tax write off for a corporation, philanthropist or church, etc. Any thoughts on who to approach, especially philanthropic organizations or corporations, and thoughts on how? Thanks!

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What Is A Site That I Can Go To So I Can Get Around My Works Computers Block On Games?

I have been able to access game sites before today. Now there is a block on them. I have heard that there is a site I can go to that bypasses the block and allows you to access games. Anyone know what I am talking about?

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I Have A Canon G9 And I’m Curious About What Flexizone And Aiaf Mean?

Are they equivalents of multi-AF and center-AF modes in digital photography?

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How Do You Feel About Using Loans To Invest?

How do you feel about using credit to invest in higher yielding investment vehicles, then keeping the difference in interest for yourself as profit? People (especially Americans) comfortably buy cars that depreciate on credit, or buy houses using loans. How do you feel about using that same concept but investing the funds from your line of credit with your Forex trader, stock broker, or hedge fund for example?

Resources: https://corporatemillions.com

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What Is Offshore Forex Investment?

I am a managing director for a forex firm on Wall St. The off-shore part is a heavily unregulated market, which means that they can take your money and run. If you are looking for a forex investment, we are an on-shore firm and are regulated under the NFA (National Futures Association and the CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Comission).

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How Much To Ship 15 Set Of Desktop Computers From Australia To Philippines?

please give the expected costs to ship (ocean forwarding) and reliable company to do it. and what papers do i need to provide for door to door delivery.

thank you!

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