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Does anybody know how to hook up a computer to a radio, in substitution of actual speakers? I bought a male to male audio cord, but that doesn’t work. Does anybody know how to change input to output so that computer sounds play through the radio?

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What are the differences between an apple computer and another computer using a windows operating system?

Lets say you by a dell or gateway computer? or an apple computer. What do they do differently? I understand the operating systems are different,but what does that mean exactly? You still can surf the web? still receive email? Play games etc right. I understand its not as likely you will get a virus on a mac, what else is different?

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What business could I start that caters to retirees?

I’m moving to an area with a large retirement population but I need to continue working. What potential business could I start that would cater to their needs? The area I’m moving to is near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

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How can i start my computer with out giving the password?

I have forgotton my password, how should i start my computer and enter to my account. Windows exp professional is installed in my computer.

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How do I remove everytng from my computer and start over fresh and new?

I think my computer might have a lot of viruses, but every kind of virus scan I have used, they just dont help. So I was to just have everything removed and start over and hopefuly that will help. I dont have anything important that im going to lose. My computer is so terible it wont even let me open the file to restore my computer back to a certain date.

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How do small business make money on shipping?

Hi, I’m working on a small business plan for an online shop. I hear that shipping is where profits can be made. I haven’t researched the shipping portion yet of my business idea.

1. How do you sign up for discount shipping programs with shippers? Can small business benefit from shipping programs? 2. How do you set up the shipping cost structure so that the business owner is able to make money off of the shipping component of the business?

2. How is that possible?

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How can I become a computer software engineer?

I’m a high school student. I want to be a computer software engineer. What classes should I take? Do I need to take the computer science?

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What is the difference with computer science and software engineering?

I’m a high school student and a computer programmer and looking into different majors that I want to get into. I was going to go for either computer science or software engineering but I’m not sure how each one is different. I want a major focus on programming and software development and I would like it to have a lot of classes related to the major. So can someone explain the difference between the 2 majors and what the coerces are going to be like?

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