2009 September | All About Money Online – Part 2

I have set up a website with Google Adsense ads, as I have with numerous sites in the past with no problem. However, on this site, the Adsense ads have no relevance to the the content of the pages they are being displayed on. All I get are ads for cable tv offers, though there is nothing on the site that mentions or has anything to do with cable tv. Any suggestions on how to correct this?

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Forex Tax With Account Managers?

If I have a money manager run my forex account and I have to withdraw funds to pay him his cut via bank wire or etc. Will I have to pay taxes on the full profits, or just the profits minus there cut? I am a U.S. Citizen.

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Forex Trading, Is It A Scam?

I read on newspapers about courses on FOREX trading where people testified that they earn 300% in a few months using some techniques and computer program.
Is there really such a thing, or is it a scam?

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What Is A Free Software That You Can Make Anime Music Videos On For Youtube?

I’d like to be able to take clips from different episodes and put the together to a song! Please help!

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How Do I Get An Intensive Training On Forex Market?

1st – You read everything you can about Forex. Visit websites like babypips.com and forexfactory.com for free education. 2nd – You visit forextopten.com and look for a top rated product that can give you good education on Forex 3rd – You open a demo account and trade there until you’re making money consistently

4th – Finally you’re ready to open a real account and make some money.

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Are The Mac Computers A Good Brand To Go For?

Are the Mac computers a good brand to go for? Would yourecomend it? i want to get a good one. iam currently a student.

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I Need A New Digital Camera For A Gcse Photography Course!?

I’m currently taking a GCSE photography course at school, and I would like a new digital camera, at the moment I have a Samsung NV3 7mp? but its more of a “quick” digital camera for parties and holidays. I would like a digital camera SLR or just plain digital like a Canon, but can’t seem to find one in my price range of under £300, and have no idea what kind of camera would be good. Can anyone suggest a good camera that isn’t too bulky but still great at taking pictures! Thanks x

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How Can You Send A Message To All The Computers On A Network?

My friend did it at his school without any software and I was wondering how. I am running windows 7.

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