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I love photography, but I am a beginner photographer. I want a digital camera that takes fairly nice looking pictures and won’t cost too much money. A store in Kenmore or Seattle, or an online website would be great! Thanks sooooooooo much!!!


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i haded a spyware infection so i restarted my computer and press’d F12 and i did a system recovery. After i finished my system recovery i noticed that my computer didn’t said “windows has detected a spyware infection” so i want to know if my computer still have’s spyware or if the system recovery that i did ,deleted the spyware infection plz help and

thank you

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i have a presentation in which i have to give 3-4 points for something or against something. it has to be related to computers or technology

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What Free Software Will Convert My Videos Into 3gp Format Completely?

i’ve downloaded lots of different programs but none of them convert my videos all the way
can anyone recomend a program that will?

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How Do I Signup With Yahoo Adsense Signup?

I filled out the form twice but never heard from them? Anyone currently working and earning now from their blog.

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If I Leave My Money In Adsense Account On Google, And I Do Not Withdraw It, Can I Avoid Paying Taxes On It?

If I leave my money that I’ve earned in that account and I do not choose to receive a check for it, can i leave it there and avoid being taxed for it or it being declared at that moment? I don’t care if I take it out later and declare it then or pay taxes on it then.

i live in Canada by the way (ontario)

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Wondering About Forex?

I am wondering if it is possible to make money in Forex trading. Currently I do some stock trading. Is forex trading similar? Very different? Does anyone make a living trading currencies? Is it skill or luck? How much money would you say you can make a month? Which Forex company is the best?

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How Do I Activate A Fortran System? Do I Need To Download The Free Software?

If I download it, how do I activate it outside of my home computer?

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