2009 October | All About Money Online – Part 3

I am Tech School student in PC Repair/Networking. I am working on starting a business that provides servicing, networking, web design etc. I need to know how you get the rights to use software such as: Microsoft Office, and Vista on multiple systems?? Where can I find online cheaper hardware as well??

Anyone know

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How Can I Get A Free Video Editing Software That Is Simple And Has A Format That Is Good For Youtube?

Me and my friends make movies on youtube(see chunkytitproductions) but recently we have a need to edit these videos. I need a software that is free and easy to use, but also comes in a format that is compatable for email and youtube. I have already tried windows movie maker.

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I Would Like To Start A Site For Earning Through Google Adsense. What Kind Of Content Is Best For My Site?

what kind of content wil bring in more traffic regularly??? shld i site contain songs, wallpapers, etc.. i mean wat would be best to maximise my earnings????

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How To Delete Your Computers History Thoroughly?

Besides the control H is there a more in depth way to delete your internet history?

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When I Signup For Google Adsense Does A Person Look At My Website Or Does A Program?

There are two things here: – If you apply for Google Adsense, they manually review your site and check its suitability to the program given the quality of its content

– Once you are approved and have put the code in your site, Mediabot (Adsense’s bot) will visit your site to see the content of your pages and serve ads based on the topic. Note however that it sometimes take weeks for Adsense to show on-topic ads, with the first few days showing PSA (public service ads which are not paid)

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Forex Trading Online Brokers

which forex trading online brokers are legitimate and not scams…trusted brokers i mean

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I Am Looking For Free Software That Will Allow Me To Transfer Songs From My Ipod Onto My Hardrive, Any Ideas?

I have setting on ipod in such a way that i dont have songs on hardrive, is there any free programmes that will allow me to transfer them back? or onto an external hard drive?

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What Free Software Is There To Enable Me Towatchh Tv On My Nokia N95?

does anyone know of a software that will enable me to watch tv on my nokia n95?
many thanks in advance

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