2009 October | All About Money Online – Part 2

For someone who wants to be involved in photography . I have to choose a couple of classes for next year , and so far i chose , Photography (film) Art II

i need more class and i don’t know if i should take another art class , or a digital image class. So do you think that art classes or digital image classes would be more important .

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How I Can Find Free Software Like Excel Or Quicken Basic In The Internet?

I buy a new computer but this computer bring a new version of excel or quicken basic. all the program that I have in my old computer I can’t transfer to the new computer becasue I need the old programs of excel and quicken basic.

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How Do You Insert Google Adsense Code Into A Word 2003 Document? Is It Possible?

You can certainly paste the Adsense code into Word — but what you will see is the code. The Javascript will not execute and you will not get any targeted ads — or any ads at all.
Plus Google Adsense is designed for web pages use only, not Word. It might be a violation if you put the code into Word

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My Adsense Account On My Blog Got Cancelled?

It was my fault, I admit it, I clicked on my on advertisements. Now, I have actually started having visitors on my Blog. Is there anyway I can put up Ads again, I promise never to click on my own again. Please help


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Looking For A Free Pc Software Like Garage Band?

I’m looking for free software that i can take my recorded music and overlay different tracks like guitar, bass, and drums….anybody know a program that does this thats free and easy to use like mac’s garage band?

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Do I Need To Have A Bank Account To Receive Google Adsense Paychecks?

I have found another website that u can ask your questions and answer other’s questions.It also pays u to do so.I have been paid 10$ for asking my questions so far.U can ask this question there too. I hope it will be more helpful.

for more information u can visit:


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What Is The Best Free Software For Screencapping?

MS Paint

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What Is The Best Cellular Phone In The Philippines Today That Is Compatible With Mac Computers?

Compatible in what way? For simply transfering files I don’t think you will have a problem with any new phones today.

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