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want a good featured cam with good zoom lens

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My Casio Digital Camera Isn’t Responding…?

i put in a 2gb sd memory card and it says card is locked. and i put in another one, totally fine and it said card is locked. how do i fix it?? its NOT the switch on the side. i tried reformatting it but it didnt work…. help?! i need this for digital photography next week… D:

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Is There Any Free Or Cheap Software For Making A Video Montage To Be Put Up On Youtube?

I need to make a video montage. Does anybody now what software/program there are to make a video montage. Where I can clip movies and pictures and make it a video (music in the back ground). I have a mac mini. The software can be free or low cost i dont want to spend a lot of money.

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Why Can Some Computers Make Shapes Using Alt And An # And Others Cant?

Like the hearts and stuff. My computer doesn’t do it but my best friends does… I really want mine to, is there a way to make it? And please don’t say to copy and paste, because I do, and its starting to be a hassle! Please help!

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What Is The Difference Betwin Nasdaq Level 2 Window And Market Depth Window In Futures Market?

why do they look so different. and how come forex market does not have that option.

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Where Can I Get A Free Trial/software To Download That Softens,smooths, And Glosses My Pictures?

Where can I download a free SOFTWARE? “NO PLUGINS”.

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What Is The Best Online Stock Trading Platform For Beginners?

I am just now looking to invest some money in some penny stocks and such. Nothing serious, just a couple hundred bucks or so….just to learn how it works and get started. Which platform should I use with regard to making LOW DOLLAR AMOUNT TRADES… Scottrade, etrade, ING, forex, etc….

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How Do You Connect Two Home Computers To Share Files Like A Network?

I’m trying to connect my Laptop and My desktop together so they can share files with each other. Without me having to urn cd’s and go back and forth with usb drive. My laptop has windows XP and my Desktop has windows Vista. They are both connected to the internet. Laptop=wireless router. Desktop=modem. I’d like to know if I can do this for free. Please Help

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