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Hi, I’ve lately being interested in the ‘advanced’ photography. I know what is the shutter speed (the amount time that the camera lets the light get inside the photo). On my camera (SONY DSC S70) I’ve noticed that the ISO is always 100, but the shutter speed changes. I’m about to buy a new digital camera, and I’d like to know what ISO stands for, and why in higher ISO there’s lots of noise, what is the ultimate ISO for photographing in particular situations (close-up nature, buildings, moving objects (you’re taking a train and photographing out of the window)). I payed my attention to Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 (new model should come out soon), if you got another suggestion (price should be upto 1,000 including the lens ((optical zoom should be x12 or more)). Thank you freaking very much!


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Looking For Some Non Digital Cameras For Photography, Any Ideas Of A Good Brand?

I am looking for a 35 mm (non digital) camera to purchase for photography purposes. I have a digital camera, but I would like a regular 35 mm as well.

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What Free Software Can I Add Onto My Computer For Protection?

Im currently using AVG Antivirus Free Edition and I love it. Should I get another firewall as well as spyware program? If so please reccommend some for me thanks. REMEMBER: I am looking for free software, and I would like programs that DO NOT or RARELY slow down my computer! I prefer I junkier antivirus but faster performance rather than a top-notch security memory hog

So please help me!

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What Is A Good Free Website Builder That You Can Get To Promote Googe Adsense Ads On And How Do You Promote Th

What is a good free website builder that you can get to promote googe adsense ads on and how do you promote the website? Im new at this adsense thing but Im trying to excell at it the best i can. Any adsense tips, tricks, hints or ideas also?

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How Do You Connect Two Computers So One Is Master & The Other Is Slave?

I’m curious as to how to set up two computers making 1 master & 1 slave & what advantages there would be?

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How Do I Advertise On Google Without Using Adsense And Adwords?

Because all i see on Google is to get Adwords or Adsense! I don’t want either of those i just want to appear in the search column as normal! I don’t want adverts on my site and i dont want to appear on the sponsored section yet i can’t find anywhere on google that allows you to just purchase NORMAL advertising on google! Someone please help!

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Which Company Or Website Can I Use For My Investment In Forex?

which company or website can i use for my investment in forex that does the trading and delivers my profits into my account?

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What Can You Tell Me About Forex Trading?

I am interested in doing some trading with FOREX TRADING have any of you ever dealt with them?

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