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When I say basic, I mean learning about the aperture, exposure, metering etc. The ‘real’ basics.
I say online because classes are quite expensive

What Is The Difference Between A Centrino And Pentium Processors In Computers?

What is the difference in the Centrino and Pentium processors in computers?

What Are Some Jobs Out Thier On Computers?

I love computers, ive built my own rig before, i know all components that make up the pc and so forth. Anyways what are some good jobs in computers besides repairing or installing hardware onto PCs. Next year will be my final and senior of high school and want too look into what kind of career to get into. You could provide a list with a brief description on jobs, that would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

Where Is The Best On-line Place To Order Digital Photography Prints?

I am looking for the best place to upload my photos and get high quality prints made from them. I have tried a couple of the Kodak places and got not-so-very-good results. I am looking for good quality in multiple sizes up to 8 X 10. I am shooting with a 10.1 mp DSLR, if that helps!

Any recommendations?

What Is Best Free Software For Capture A Movie From Desktop?

What is best Free Software For Capture a Movie from DESKTOP? i look for a Free Software to Capture a movie (+Audio) of Desktop Events. can u help me?

Anyone Know Of A Free Forum Website That Allows Me To Put Adsense?

If there is a way to put adsense on an invisionfree board please tell me! If not, does anyone know of a good free forum website that allows adsense?
I actually need to have it a forum so no alternatives please!

How Can I Get A Head Start In A Career In Computers.?

Hello, I am 15 and going into 10th grade but I already know I want to work with computers. I am not sure what exactly, but I want my career to revolve around computers. I pretty much want something that pays well. I am taking computer classes next year. Is there any online programs or something that can give me the right idea or give a little education on computers?

What Are Some Lessons You’ve Learned From Trading In The Forex?

I’m just learning about the ForEx and I’d like to hear about personal experiences and lessons learned.

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