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White balance is often associated with histograms. What does it really indicate? Looking at the histogram, how do you determine if the photograph has been correctly exposed or not?

How Do You Connect The Router Te100-s88e Plus To Get Internet On Two Computers At The Same Time?

– i have the TE100-S88E plus router,the power connection, and a ethernet cable.
– how do i connect these( the power turn on i connected the ethernet cable to one of the 8 ports, and the other part to the computer and the led light turn on. Still cant get internet- do ineed to ethernet cables ( connect the two computers to the router?

What Are Scenery Modes And Macros Mode In Digital Photography?

What are scenery modes? Is that the button that allows you to choose from a number of modes?
What is macros mode, and when would you use it? Is it for close up pics?

What Free Software Lets You Rip Audio From A Cd-rom To Mp3 Format?

I have several CD-ROMs that I want to rip the audio only into Mp3 so I can listen to the lectures/presentations on my ipod (instead of my laptop). Is there a free software that can do this? Okay, free and softwares that you pay for it.I really want these lectures in audio-only format. Thanks!

How Can I Earn From My Indian Website Other Than Google Adsense?

I want to earn some money through my website and google adsense didn’t accept my request as my website is only 2 months old ( they need at least 6 months). Please tell me if there is any way I can make some money from other sources. It would be better for me if they pay in checks rather than pay-pal or alert-pay.

How Long Does It Take A Company To Integrate Their Computers?

If company A bought out company B how long on average or do you think it would take to integrate company B’s computers with company A?

What Is The Tax Info An Indian Has To Enter For Adsense?

I asked a similar question before but didn’t elaborate. Once you reach $10, you can enter tax information, says adsense. This is different for US and non-US residents. There are some forms which are named for non-US people. Can anyone explain what these forms are all about? Thanks!

How Much Do I Need To Get Started Trading In Forex?

How much money does it take to get started trading in the forex market?

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