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I am an old age pensioner who wants to have fun with her pals.To amuse them [or may be even annoy them]. I want to change photographs in a very obvious way….ie…put different heads on different bodies….I am not looking for a wonderful professional system…does anybody know if there is a basic one for free out there ? Thankyou.ps. I just have Google Picassa at the moment and I am a novice.

Do You Have A Job Involved With Computers?

If you have a job related to computers (computer programming, software engineer, etc.), how much do you make now?
I’m going to be a freshman in college next year and am planning to major in computer science. I was just curious on what actual people are making in this field.

What Are Five Uses Of Computers For Research?

I am in a research class this semester and we have to find five ways of doing research on a computer. Computers are so popular in doing research these days but I can not think of five different ways to use them to gather information.

Digital Photography…

Anyone who is a photographer please help me. Any good tips or advice when taking pictures with a digital camera? I’m not sure what I would like to photograph; how did you decide what you wanted to take pictures of?

Help me decide…??

Free Software?!?

Does anyone know of some free LEGAL video editing software?

How To Input Google Adsense Into My WordPress Blog?

I am using the WordPress theme ChaoticSoul. It has a picture on the top as a blog header. I want to place my adsense directly underneath this picture.
Can help advice on where I need to place my codes? Thanks.

How Do Computers Effect The The Environment?

I am currently doing a research paper, and I cannot find anything as to how computers effect the environment. Please help me out here as to how they do, and include websites (: . I will pick a best answer.

How Much Money Would I Need To Make It Worth Investing In Forex?

Obviously I have a lot to learn before I decide to open an account on Forex and start investing but how much money would I need to start with to be able to make any money and to make it even worth the time and effort investing and researchign? I’m a college student so if it’s more than a couple hundred bucks I’ll probably have to wait.

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