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I’ve been using Beauty Pilot for beauty shot retouching. I seem to remember a FREE program that doesn’t require registration or purchasing the program. I remember seeing one in some photography magazine, etc.

How To Home Networking Computers With Only A Dial-in Modem?

I know how wireless network work with cable and DSL. I am still keen on keeping my dial-in connection while networking all our computers (4) and printers (2) so that files and printers can be shared from different computers in the different rooms. The wireless routers and adapters seemed to serve cable/DSL connections. Any ideas how mine would work?

What Is The Difference Between The Olden Day Computers And Modern Day Ones?

Are people more obsessed with modern day computers? Are they iconic?

Share your views please.

I’m Planning To Buy A Digital Slr As I Would Start To Be A Serious Hobbyist In Digital Photography.?

What would be the best Digital SLR that I should buy?

What Is Some Good Free Picture Watermarking Software?

I’m looking for some free software to watermark pictures for my web page. What are some good, free packages to do this?

How Much Money Can I Make From Adsense For Website That Has 1000 Daily Visitors ?

I have a food website that have1000 visitors in a day. Carently I am earning from various advertizing which is very hard to manage. I want to switch to google adsesne.

how much can I earnd from google adsense?

What Happen To The Idea Of Using Living Organisms To Make Computers Faster?

I remember when I was in college 15 years ago my computer science classes were talking about the possibility of using organisms to make computers faster.
I haven’t heard anything in awhile about it, has science given up on this idea? Or are they still pursuing it?

How Do I Tell In Adsense Where The Clicks Are Happening?

If you have several blogs or sites with ads and one adsense account, all you see is how many total clicks you are getting.
Is there a way in the adsense account to determine which sites are receiving the clicks, or better still, what pages within the site and what ads?

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