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They require that the photos need to be in jpegs,5″ X 7″ or larger and at least 200dpi. How do I take pictures that meet those requirements and how good of a digital camera do I need?
I know it seems to be jumping a bunch of steps to want to send pictures to be published in a paper when I’m just starting out in digital photography but that’s what I want to do but I obviously need some guidance. Thanks for your help in advance.

How Do I Renew Mcafee On Multiple Computers?

My McAfee subscription expired today. I want to renew it online but I’m confused. If I download the software to my computer, how do I also update it on the other computers in my house? My copy of expired McAfee worked on 3 computers.
Also, if something happens to my computer, can I re-download the software for free or do I have to pay for it again?

Is It Possible To Switch Between Two Computers Using The Same Keyboard And Mouse?

I have a PC in my home studio and would like to add a mac. I would like to switch between to two computers, but still be able to use the same USB devices, not necessary simultaneously. I’m sure there are ways to do this, but it would have to PC and mac compatible.

Need Advice For What Course And College Is Best For Digital Photography?

I want a career in photography and was wondering what course would be ideal for me.I am 20 and just starting up with photography which is the thing i most admire.also i would like to buy a digital slr camera what would you recomend?thanks

Which Site Can I Get A Free Software For Password Protection Of External Hd?

I just bought a 350G External Hard Disk. I want to password protect it at the same time use it to different computers/laptops. Please advice which site offers a free download of the software.

How To Track Adsense Under Post In Blogger?

I recently decided to turn on adsense after my post. The ads look great and content is awesome I just can’t see the impressions in Adsense. I have always used adsense code and inserts it into to certain areas and tracking no issue with channels. How can I track the impressions with adsense under my post, since you can’t pick a channel?

Is It That Difficult For Computer And Internet Companies To Locate Stolen Computers And Notify The Police ?

Since computers are identified by the local connection network in order to access the Internet, can they also be located ? If so, the local police working together with the local Internet connection network – could recover the vast majority of stolen computers and return them to their rightful owners.


I have a blog and was wondering if I should use adsense or w/e to earn money. How would I convince my parents to let me?
And also, does anyone else use it?

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