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I want to connect my kids computer to my cable internet access with a wireless router. They’ll be on the same floor, but in different rooms, about 25 feet apart. I’d also like for us to access files between the computers and for them to be able to use my printer, if possible. What do I need for that?

I’ve seen starter kits that come with the base and a card to install in the computer, do I need to buy an additional card for the second computer, or is the base for the first computer and the included card meant for the second computer? This is so confusing. Please help.

Can You Help Me To Download A Free Software Cinemaforgelite?

I have tried with few sites but links are not working. I think once many have downloaded this free software. Recently it might have abandonned. Can you help in this matter?

What Are The Official Numbers For Saving Internet Radio?

It’s safe to say if your reading this then you know what will happen on the July 15 to internet radio if congress passes the royalties bill. Their are several large campaigns to save internet radio which I will omit here in fear of violating Yahoo Answers policies, are this campaigns working? Does anyone have the official numbers about the number of emails or phone call people are making? Has any progress been made? Have any congressmen official joined the save internet radio campaigns? If so, who and what states? Are cheap and free internet radio stations going to be able to stay in the game? Of course I know they won’t if the bill passes, my question about staying in the game means will this bill be defeated? Any word?

Please cite your source, their are already too many rumors floating around.

How Do You Set Up Two Computers To Share Files Between Each One?

I already have internet connection sharing set up between both computers. After it is set up, how do I view files from my desktop while I am on my laptop?

With Digital Photography Do You Think The Need For Light Meters With Strobes Is Being Eliminated?

I know I can get my light ratios for portraits with a grey card or a zebra card and can fine tune when shooting tethered to a laptop with the program I use. Currently I am only usig my meter to get me in the “ballpark”. How has digital effected your use of your meter?

What Is The Best Way To Learn Everything About Computers?

I want to be able to fix any problem on my computer, know how programs work, know which computers and parts are the best, etc. Any ideas or suggestions, books, classes? Thanks in advance.

Do You See Digital Photography As A Good Thing For The Common Man?

Have you bought into the digital camera hype? Spending more for per actual printed picture than film? The majority of people probably delete more pictures in a week than they ever took with film. How many of us even print our work anymore? Has the “keeper” ratio increased with digital? Or has consumerism won again? Has digital positively improved your photographic skills? Will we lose our photgraphic history to crashed hard drives and unstable backup media? Rhetorical, I bought a DSLR last March.

Is There Any Free Software That Allows You To Draw Directly Onto Your Screen?

What i am looking for is vista compatible software that is free and allows you to draw anything in different colours over the screen. Is there any? And could you send links?

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