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Do you think digital photography has reached or surpassed the level of conventional photography (film and paper) and why. I myself think conventional photography still produces better results, but on the other hand you can’t beat the convenience of digital. Comments or thoughts?


i was walking one night when i noticed about four computers sitting out side near the bin of a school. i took 2 home and they were actualy pentium 4, 2.8ghz and a 80gb hard drive. why would someone throw them away is pentium 4 getting old?

Suggestions For Digital Photography Camera?

I’m a print journalism major. And I really like photography and graphic design. I want to invest in a decent digital photography camera and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Preferably with interchangeable lenses and a removable flash. Something that produces good results but isn’t overly complicated. I’m looking to spend $400 to $600.

What Kind Of A Class Can I Attend On Computer Networking?

Where I work there are a dozen computers on the network. It’s somewhat expected that everybody knows how to get their computer connected. Is there a course that just goes through the basics of ethernet, voice over ip, and other common network setup?

What Free Software Is Best To Use When Faxing A Ms Word Doc From My Computer Without Having To Use My Modem?

Using Win XP Home, What free software is best to use when faxing a MS Word doc from my computer without having to use my modem? If I use the built-in MS fax software, it will not send the fax unless I disconnect from the internet and allow it to dialup just to send the fax. Help please!

How Can I Connect Wireless Internet In My Home With A Laptop?

Okay I have one laptop and so does my brother. And we have a wireless router and modem and paying for highspeed internet. NOW, I always connected internet on my laptop with a desktop plugged into the router and then into the wireless router.

Now the desktop doesnt work and i want to throw it away, Can i still get wireless internet w/out the desktop being plugged in? How do I do this?

How Do I Set Up Interntet Connections For Two Computers At The Same Time?

-by using dial up (people pc online) -What do i need to do ,to get on both computers at the same time in the internet. One of the computers is Windows vista and the other is Windows XP.

-Will i need a router or setup some sort of wizard? Thanks for all the help!

Online Digital Photography Tutorials – Sites For Part-time Photography Income?

I’m looking for digital photography tutorials and sites that show step-by-step (or close enough) how to make a part-time income from amateur photography.

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