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what types of jobs are out there specific to digital photography and photoshop that are the most lucrative generaly?

How Do I Network My 2nd Computer With My 1st Computers Printer?

I have 2 computers Office computer (has printer) Garage computer (no printer) Im trying to make it so I can print on that office printer from my garage. Both computers are connected to my verizon modem & router. Any ideas??? Thanks in advance.


How Is An Image Recorded With Digital Photography?

How is an image recorded with Digital Photography?

Can I Learn Computer Networking On My Own? Get Certified On My Own Using Self Study?

I have no previous knowledge of this stuff. However i see amazon has some books on the subject. Is it possible for me to learn this stuff by myself? My college only offers computer programming etc. but no networking.

Is it possible to this on my own?

How Can I Swap 2 Entire Computers For Their Cases?

Well, basically. I have a good computer, small case. I have a weak computer, big nice case. I want to swap the computers entirely. My question is, is there any caution I should take before I start? Right now, I just have both computer towers laying by each other. I am trying to see if its possible for just myself to swap them in a safe matter. Any tips that could help. If you would like more info about the computers, please do ask. I really want to see if I can do this.

Thanks for the feedback.

My Cable Internet Goes Out During The Day But Is Fine When Weather Is Cool. Do I Need To Rewire House?

When weather is less than app. 80 degrees I have internet service. When it gets hot I lose service. The cable company installed it on the eave of the roof, but laid the 75 ohm cable across the roof. I moved the cable so that it no longer ran across the roof and gained another couple of hours during the day of connection time. One of the contractors they sent said that if we could use the outdoor cabling the company uses we would probably be fine, but the company won’t allow them to use it indoors. Since we have no crawl space to run wires. Do they make heat resistant 75 ohm cabling? Or can I increase the signal to the cable modem with an amplifier. The cable company hasn’t offered any options except drilling through the walls, which really won’t help. I have 3 TV’s and my cable modem. TV pictures are fine. Internet service works great when it is up and running.

Any ideas?

How Exactly Do Tablet Computers Work?

I’ll be getting a laptop later this year and was considering one with a tablet. The first thing that came to mind in considering this would be the ability to go straight from typing something to drawing a diagram (mostly for taking notes in college). Would something like that even be possible? What else can you tell me about them? Would you reccomend one? Finally, if I did get one, what would be a good choice? I really don’t know much about computers.

How Do I Synchronize Folders Across Two Computers For Which I Have Administrator Access?

I would prefer to use my internet connection to do this, rather than a memory stick. As well, these computers are only connected to the internet, and not a home network. One computer runs XP, and the other vista.

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