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I’m doing a report for school and need to know what some jobs related to digital photography are. I need jobs where using digital photography is the main skill required.
And i can’t do my report on just a Photographer. My teacher said it’s to basic and boring.

How Are Computers Used By Nature Researchers And Organizations?

Is there any specific applications that help protect the environment? What aspects of computers causes environmental problems?

What do environmentalist think of computers?

How To Set Up A Computer Network For Three Computers?

We have 3 computers at work and are trying to connect them all together so that one can be the main server and the other two can dump files into it. It is okay if they are all open because we are on a secure network. As long as we can dump files into each others computers. One of the computers is running Vista and the other two are running XP. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Where Can I Learn About The Digital Photography?

I am really interested in learning about digital photography.Can anyone suggest me some good eBooks on digital Photography tips and digital Photography tutorials. so that i can learn step by step about digital photography Secrets.

Is There Any Free Software That Allows You To Take Photos From Moto Rizr Z3 To A Laptop?

I’ve been trying to upload photos from my phone but have niether a cord or card. Is there any bluetooth software or anything that i can download for free?

How Would You Start A Business Doing Computer Networking?

My husband is majoring in Computer Networking and we would really like to start a business after he graduates and gets some experience under his belt. How would we go about this and what would we need to get started?

How To Connect 2 Computers To The Internet?

I have got 1 computer which is connected to the internet using a virgin media modem. But i recently bought a new computer and i want to connect that to the internet aswell. I have got a Belkin wireless router that can connect both computers to the internet. I have installed the software for one computer but i can’t do it for the other one. Please help!

Where Can I Learn About Digital Photography?

I’ve just bought the new Pentax K100D digital SLR. Where (or how) can I learn more about digital photography, because apart from playing around with a little compact Pentax digital camera for the past few weeks, I’m new to digital photography – note, not photography, just digital photography. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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