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I just bought a new car…and because I assumed that having a panic button meant there was an alarm on there. Whatever the case, I want an alarm on the car. A friend of the family who has been a mechanic for 30 years said it’s too late because somebody has to go in there and cut wires…and there’s a good chance that he will mess up your car’s electronics forever.

Is this true? Also, is it common for people to put in alarm systems after they buy the car?

I actually want to start a business with Forex but have no idea if it deserves my time put into learning stuff and also the safety of my investment. Please give me some tips on this

i have received a lot of offers from those who claim to be doing one internet business or the other especially those into stocks and shares and forex. in fact my mail box is full of them. why is the whole world not rich with all these opportunities and what are the risks?

There is no make or model number. It is an anti-theft device.

An investment club bought a bond of an oil corporation for 4000 dollars. The bond yeild 7% per year. The club now wants to buy shares of stock in a hospital supply company. The stock sells at 15 dollar per share and earns a divided of 0.6 dollar per share per year. How many shares should the club buy so that its total investment in stocks and bonds yeild 6% per year?
no answer so plz show all work..thx

I got this great book from the library and before each sign section they had a great poem about it. I thought they were very interesting, so read yours and tell me what you think! Aries: The Ram – Fire – Cardinal – Mars For Aries the ram, spring is the season. Torn between his heart and reason. He needs a goal, a lofty cause. Love and truth, these are his law. Never content with the here and now, It’s perfection he seeks, it’s his solemn vow. They’re natural leaders, they are the best, And what they love is the impossible test. Taurus: The Bull – Earth – Fixed – Venus Stubborn it’s true, is Taurus the bull, With a heart warm and tender and yes always full. Seductive and sexy, she knows how to charm. Protective and smart, she avoids evil’s harm. Truth and beauty, these are her quest. Perfection and love keep her from rest. Creative and smart, her style is unique. She uses her strength; she transforms what is weak. Whatever she touches is left not the same. Her courage allows her to gain from her pain. Gemini: The Twins – Air – Mutable – Mercury Quick, alert and never still, Gemini has a very strong will. Needing to ask, to search, to see. It’s driven by it’s foe, curiosity. At parties with pranks, they’re at their best. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll never rest. Choice keeps them going, they’re on the run. So put on your tennies and have some fun. Cancer: The Crab – Water – Cardinal – The Moon Cancer’s are a mysterious lot. They seem so moody and yet they’re not. Like the moon, they’ll change their face, But inside they keep an even pace. Sensitive and caring, they’re also tough. Yes, they’re a jewel, but in the rough. So get out your chisel and make a date. The crab is waiting for his soul mate. Leo: The Lion – Fire – Fixed – The Sun Leo the lion is king, that’s for sure. Fearless and strong, he’s honest and pure. Commanding attention wherever he goes His strength and his courage everyone knows. Eager and willing, he’ll take the lead. Generous and giving, he’s known for his deeds. Leos are lovers, they’re fun and they’re smart. They’re the best for one reason, they’re ruled by the heart. Virgo: The Virgin/Maiden – Earth – Mutable – Mercury Virgo is the sign of sharing. They lead the way when it comes to caring. The Ego here must step aside, That’s right, there is no place to hide. The lesson is we’re all connected, So don’t feel hurt and never rejected. All thoughts and actions return to you, So pay attention to what you do. Nothing is simple when Spirit leads. In Virgo you harvest your planted seeds. Libra: The Scales/Balance – Air – Cardinal – Venus When Libra arrives, autumn is here. It’s time to look into the mirror. Don’t be depressed, don’t fake a smile Accept it all, make it your style. This is the sign of the truly great man, Who faces his truth, and does what he can. So use your charm, your gift for pleasure, Live every moment, life is a treasure. Scorpio: The Scorpion/Gray Lizard/Eagle (Phoenix) – Water – Fixed – Pluto, co-ruled by Mars Justice, power, sex and money, This is Scorpio’s food and honey. Extremes are what they know about, All or nothing is their route. Collective guilt, weighs them down, Pain and suffering is their crown. Their gifts are energy and great passion, Their genius puts them ahead of fashion. Sagittarius: The Archer – Fire – Mutable – Jupiter God is the quest for the sign of Sadge The Word, its power, is their badge. Here, man must meet what he has sowed, His fate awaits just down the road. No, he yells, I’ll fight you Lord. I’ll use my wit, the Word’s my sword. So joyful will my mastery be, All of Heaven will bow to me. Capricorn: The Goat – Earth – Cardinal – Saturn The quest of Capricorn is the natural way. They’re blessed with rhythm, and something to say. Each soul has a message, uniquely its own, This message it seems needs time to be shown. Conformity, society, these are the threat Whatever you do, don’t get stuck or too set. You need to uproot your spirit, your past. Then the summit you’ll climb, you’ll be balanced at last. Aquarius: The Water Bearer – Air – Fixed – Uranus, co-ruled by Saturn Progress is the Aquarius quest. They link what’s missing, they are the best. Strong in their purpose, their mission is clear, Limitations and dangers are nothing to fear. Against injustice they make a stand, For unity and truth they’ll lend a hand. Ego and Spirit have joined in the heart; Reality and vision are no longer apart. Pisces: The Fishes – Water – Mutable – Neptune, co-ruled by Jupiter Pisces are the kings of kings, The lost souls, the enlightened beings, A purpose to life is what they seek. Their song, their silence is what they speak. Fate picks them up, it turns them around. Within the chaos, they hear a sound, It’s their own voice, it holds them near. Love is its gift, it shatters all fear.

Now they can see and know The

The best would be forex but then my country has stringet rules on the forex that it receives. You can be imprisoned for externalising forex. What is the smartest way to indirectly deal in forex thru a business front?

Hi I expect you’ll have a job finding it in the UK, but you can try here:-https://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_1057… Scroll down the left hand side and click SHOP ONLINE and then go to page 2 and you’ll see your book. Cheers


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