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I am 13 years old. I am an expert with computers. A+ all that stuff. My zip code is 19355. What are the chances that I could find a job working with compuiters. Whether it be technical support, repair (software or hardware) or networking

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Wat Keywords Work Best For Google Adsense?

I have this site https://www.byebyejob.tk is thier anythis else i need to do to make money with adsense?

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Why Do Two Computers With The Same Ip Address Appear On My Network?

I am running McAfee security center. There is a network manager that lets you see what computers are using your wireless network. When I look at mine, I see my named computer with it’s IP address, but there is also an unnamed computer on the network that has the same IP address. My laptop and iPod touch should be the only two devices on the network. Should I be worried about this?

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How To Put Adsense Text On Youtube Video Page?

I have seen Youtube users with embedded Adsense text ads on the right side of their video playing pages on YouTube. How do I do that for my own Youtube video pages? I tried to figure this out for awhile and still I can’t figure it out. I want to make some money with Adsense on Youtube. Any Youtube gurus know the answer? Thanks. Best regards,


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Where Can I Get A Free Software That Can Convert Audio And Video File To Other Formats And Vice Versa?

I want to convert some audio and video file to other formats. Is there any free software (fully functional/trial version) available for download on the web? Can anyone help me, please? Ramesh H.T. Bangalore-560 100


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Contact Numbers For The Forex Agency The One Sending Package To The Phillipines?

nearest location for the forex agency where i can call to for i want to send a package going to the phillipines?

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What Do You Think The Computers Of Tomorrow Will Be Like?

When I say tomorrow I mean like many years from now.
What will the next generation PC’s be like? How will computers advance?

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Please Suggest A Good Book On Digital Photography?

i have the basic understanding of a dslr (aperture ,shutter speed, iso settings) i don’t have the time nor the money for a good photography course, but if someone thinks a book had helped them learn the tips and trick then please do let me know thanks

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