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What advantages there are to digital photography over Film. And how digital photography has developed over the past five or six years.

How Do I Connect To Computers?

I hae two computers in 1 room, Computer A is hooked up to the internet with a wireless modem, and computer B is not hooked up to the internet at all.
What hardware would I need to connect computer B to my wireless network?

What Free Software Can Take A Series Of Jpgs Or Pngs And Make A .mov File?

So far I’ve been assembling them to swf and using a video capture program to get them to asf, but that absolutely destroys all fidelity. Some sort of animation software should do it but I can’t find anything good and free (as in not shareware). I’m on windows right now but I’m thinking of going to linux soon, so a suggestion that runs on either of those (or both!) would be great. Thanks~ Elliott

When Will Google Adsense Bring Back Their Referrals Program?

That was my main way of earning money. Does anyone know some legitimate ways to earn a nice amount of money quickly online? I don’t want to have to pay anything to earn money, just something simple and easy would do.

How Do I Properly Setup My Network So That Client Computers Automatically Have The Printers Installed?

Here is the scoop. In my school we have 3 computer labs, each with 30 computers. All of these connect to a new Dell Server running Windows Server 2003, standard edition. The server is setup as a file sharing printer and a print server. Before the school year, we decided it would be nice to not have to walk the kids through setting up the printer, so we logged onto the client machines locally, and added the network printers, beliving that when the students logged on, the printer would already be installed on that machine. Turns out we were wrong. So, I logged onto a computer, through the domain, with admin access and setup the printer. Still, when students log on, there are no printers installed. So, my question is… how do I set this up so that when a new user logs on, the printer is already installed?

Thank you!!!

What Are The Strongest Indicators And Oscillators To Use For Forex?

I know I’ll get responses like, “this is a big boys game” and “don’t come into this so naive little one” I understand that there is MAJOR risk in FOR-EX but you’ll never get anywhere playing it safe. I’m using a demo account right now and working out all my errors. I’m curious as to what are some good indicators that are reliable and work well with each other. Bonus points if you can effectively explain how they work.

What Are The Possibilities To Lose The Money On The Forex System?

Normally you will win on your first trade. If you are lucky, you will win on your first few trades.
You will then start to lose after that. It’s all about psychology. One normally don’t know when to take profit, and when to stop loss.

How Does One Report Forex Income? Can I Claim Trader Status If Its My Primary Source Of Income?

Generally it would be capital gains (mostly short term). You don’t want IRS to consider you as a dealer because they could try to classify the income as schedule C business income and the tax rate would be a lot higher.

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