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We have several missionaries in Eastern Europe who need 3 internet compatible computer desktops or laptops, old or new, as long as it is in working condition. Could anyone let me know where I can find computers to give? Or if any of you have computers that you don’t use, would you please donate? You can file it in your taxes for tax-exemption.

How Can I Monitor Internet Traffic Made By Each Of The Computers Connected To A Shared Wireless Router/modem?

I’m sharing the apartment with two other people and we use a wireless modem to connect to the internet. I would like to be able to keep a record on, for example, how much bandwidth is being consumed by each of the connected computers, and other details related to bandwidth usage. I really spent quite a time searching the web, but i failed finding what i need. I appreciate your help. Thnx.

What Camera Do I Use To Take Classic Photography -non Digital?

Any 35mm, medium format or view camera. What do you have? The least expensive ones would be a 35mm SLR with lens under $200 … you can find them on craigslist in a city near you. Sample from my area.https://phoenix.craigslist.org/pho/628106…

With a film camera like that and a class in photography, you should be shooting classic photography within six months.

Is There Any Free Software That I Can Download That Makes Ringtones?

I like using ventones.com to make ringtones. But I want to find free software that I can download that makes free ringtones so that I could be able to make ringtones offline.

How Much Could You Make A Month With Adsense?

is it possible to make a couple of thousand through adsense?

What Do You Think The Consequences Will Be If Cars And Computers Continue To Develop ?

what do you think the consequences will be if cars and computers continue to develop ?

How Do I Get Google Adsense To Work On My WordPress Blog?

I made the ad and copied and pasted the code into the sidebar widget “text” but it isn’t showing up on my blog site. How come?

What Is The Most Reliable Forex Trader That I Can Deal With And ?

Need a FOREX broker that will allow Expert advisers, and will not manipulate the data against me, or prevent me from posting auto trades

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