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It needs to be a digital camera of the professional level.

i am a computer seller and i make alot of computers similar to eachother. i install windows vista on all of them. how can i install windows vista once with all the neccessary programs and then make an image of this backups on a dvd and then use that image for other PCs so i dont need to install windows and programs for every PC?? i heared norton ghost does that but i found a version that only works with XP… any other ideas?? can you please give me a lead on how to do it and how to start? i would appreciate it! cheers

I’m a film camera buff. I have several 35mm and medium format cameras. But I do have a couple of digital cameras – a point-and-shoot style and a DSLR. All the digital and 35mm is Canon gear and the medium format is Mamiya and Koni-Omega. I pack the Power Shot G7 to family gatherings along w/ an old IBM T30 laptop and a stack of CDs. That way everyone has pics to take home and print at a camera kiosk. But rarely do any of those images compare favorably to the 35mm film shots. My old F1, loaded w/ slide film usually, is nearly always w/ me wherever I go. As I become more familiar w/ the Canon 10D I find I leave the Mamiya C33 at home more often. It’s just so heavy to trek the beach or hills with, but it does take a better picture. The Rapid M sees little use today as I find, now that I’m retired (ex-military aviator), I attend fewer events where I need high quality images coupled w/ a rapid fire camera.
My kids and grandkids use digital only. None of their images are as good as Grandad’s, but they do have a more complete visual record of their lives, albeit on a CD/DVD rather than in an old fashioned album. That’s a good thing. Technology has not bypassed this old fossil, but it is sure gaining ground.

I took some movie shots with my digital camera & am wondering if anyone knows some free software that will enable me to view it frame by frame to copy as just a jpeg picture?
Thanks in advance for your answers :o)

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