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I am interested in specific applications one might use this filter for (besides “lens protection”) and what brand you use. How about the issue of a 3 stop Neutral Density? Any thoughts on a particular brand and whether 2 stops or 3 stops is better? Thanks!!

Do Cell Phones And Laptop Computers Automatically Cut Off The Electricity Supply When They Get Fully Charged?

A friend of mine told me that one should disconnect the charger of a mobile phone or a notebook computer after they’re fully charged else the battery would get overcharged (hence damaged, shortening its life). I am of the belief that most cellphones and portable computers already cut-off the electricity supply to the device upon completion of charging, and there is no need to worry about overcharging.
What is the truth? Any other suggestions?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Joining Google Adsense?

Do I have to pay money for joining in?

Can You Used One Wow Game On Two Different Computers With 2 Different Accounts?

I mean that if i bought WoW, then installed it on two different computers, would 2 different people be able to play at the same time with 2 different accounts?

What’s A Reasonable Earnings Goal For Adsense?

I want to create a page on googlepages and sign up with adsense. Of course the number of hits varies hugely, but what’s a reasonable number for a semi-decent site. Also, do people actually make money on this, or are the people making good money just a minority, with most people getting about 5 cents a month? Are there any catches to Google Adsense. Is there a better way to make a webpage for free than with googlepages? Thanks.

What Is A Forex Expert Advisor?

I have seen many ads on the internet that say something like this: We are offering you, 2 of our best sellers Expert Advisors, select 2 from the next list: SAFE NEWS EA or CORRELATION HEDGE EA or TRADE THE CABLE EA I want to kow what this is talking about, and what a forex expert advisor is?


Are There Day Trading Rules For Forex?

Mainly, is there a minimum amount of funds required in your account. Like trading equities, there must be $25,000 in your account to day trade. Does forex have any requirements, or special rules only pertaining to forex? Any and all advice is welcome.

Thank you.

Does Anybody Know Of Any Free Software That Changers The Users Ip Address?

Im looking for free software that changes a users ip address can anybody help?

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