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I am looking to get in to wedding photography and would like to pick up some books, what are some good ones for a beginner, I noticed a lot of them talk about transition from film which I don’t need.

How Do I Update My Computers Video Drivers?

I have an inspiron 6000 laptop computer. I am trying to watch instant movies online with netflicks but my video screen feed keeps flashing green and doesnt show the picture of the movie. The netflicks support page says that if i see a green screen i will need to update my computers video drivers. How do i go about doing this for my Inspiron 6000? Please Help.

What Is The Most Economical Way Of Connecting 2 Computers ? And What Devices Will You Need To Do That ?

What is the most economical way of connecting 2 computers ?

Mini Sd Card Slot Light Is Still On, Without A Card And Even When The Computers Off?

I want to upload music onto my mini SD card for my phone, but for some reason my computer doesn’t read my card anymore. Before, i could just plug it in and upload stuff. But recently when i plugged it in it didn’t work. So why cant my computer read the card? And also why is the light still on when even my computers off. I have vista. Please someone help?

What Is The Best Free Software Out There To Hide You Ip While Browsing The Net?

I think for some reason this ISP that I’m using has been banned by one of my favourite websites. I need a free software that would hide my IP at all times while browsing the internet. I have tried proxy servers on the net but they are useless when you want to log in your username and password or when you want to download something.
I have tried deleting cookies and temporary files etc but that does not solve the problem. Are there any good softwares out there that work? preferably free?

Has The Recession Impacted Adwords And Adsense Greatly?

I’d like to hear from Adwords advertisers as well Adsense publishers. Has the recession impacted your business that you are reducing your Adwords advertising budget, resulting in less impressions and less clicks affecting Adsense publisher income?

Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What’s It Called When You Have Multiple Computers Sharing Internet Bandwith To Host A Web Pages With A Server?

It’s like workload sharing or something what is it? Also how do you get computers on a network to share bandwidth and web pages??

What Should I Use Instead Of Adsense?

I don’t think adsense is right for me. My website is probably to provocative for adsense. What could i use instead?

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