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I recently went to art show. One of exhibit had huge panoramic canvas pictures of landscape photos (taken with a digital camera). Up close the pictures looked like oil paintings, but they were actually digital photos printed on this canvas as art. These pictures were nice & huge. There were panoramic style and were about 30″ x 48″ (2.5 ft x 4 ft). The canvas was attached to a wooden stretcher frame for direct hanging on a wall w/o need for a frame. I was wondering if anyone knew any more on this subject. Is there a special name for this process of digital photography onto canvas art? What kind of printer is used? Where do you get the pictures developed? What else is needed for this process? Starting costs? Where can I go for additional information on this subject?

What Are The Most Popular Operating Systems For Computers?

righty im a real n00b, to start with, thought id clear that up before the flamming, righty i obv have heard of windows and mac, i recently found ubuntu, but my question to you is are there any other “cool” and popular os’s for computers out there?

A Digital Photography Question?

I am looking for any websites that provide tips for amateur digital photographers. If there are ones that specifically cater to my type of my camera that would be wonderful. I own a Nikon Coolpix 3500. If not, that’s fine, I am just an amateur photographer looking for tips. If you can also provide the names of FREE photo editing software that are available online, I would also appreciate that. Thanks!

If You Were Building A New Computer, What Good Free Software Would You Include?

OK, there’s CCleaner, Irfanview, Firefox, Open Office…but there’s got to be a lot more. I was wondering what everybody else likes. Any kind of software as long as it’s free and reasonably professional i.e. doesn’t crash your machine or punch a tunnel through your security.

Is It Possible To Make Money Making Websites And Through Google Adsense?

I have heard that people make money making websites. Is it true or is it just spam? I am planning to make my own website, will I be able to make some money?

Can I Set An Automatic Lock Out Time For Certain Computers In Windows 2003 Domain W/out 3rd Parthy Software?

We have a network across 8 sites. Some computers are accessed by students. We want to lock the student account (single account shared by all students) after 10-15 minutes on each computer. Also we would want to give teacher accounts the right to unlock these machines. Is there any way to do this without 3rd party software? If not what software solutions would be best? This is a non-profit company so the less expensive the better.

Google Adsense Will It Banned Like This?

I was planning create a porn site. Can I put adsense ads on porn site?

(1) What Is The Best Time To Do Forex Trading? (2) What Are The Best Curency Pairs To Trade In?

1) This site will answer your first questionhttps://www.babypips.com/forex-school/mar… 2) There are only six major currency pairs against the dollar GBP EUR JPY CAD CHF AUD

These are the pairs with the highest volume and the lowest spreads. There are six or eight other “cross pairs” that also have good volume, but the spreads widen to 9 or 10 pips.

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