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im in a digital photography class in high school. one of my assignments is to come up with a brand new assignment ex…stop action, panning, water sports, product advertisement. ^^^i cant use any of those because those are already made^^^ any ideas?

thank you!

What Major Should You Choose If You Want To Teach Computers?

I reside in new york state and I want to teach computers (i.e. how to use them, software maybe) to K-12 students. If there are any new york state technology/computer teachers reading this, what is your major and what do you recommend?

How Do I Hook Two Computers To One Printer?

I have two computers. One in my room and one in the living room. Both are wired to the internet. I want them both to use the printer that is on the living room computer. The computer in the living room is having issues (for now) so I was wanting to print something from my room to the printer out there without having to haul the printer into my room to hook it up to just this one.
Any advice?

Best Free Software For Recording Music On A Laptop?

I am just getting started with trying to record my own songs and I am new to this. They will be rock songs, no hip hop or dance or anything like that. Does anyone have any recommendations for free software I can download? Thanks alot.

Can I Receive Payments From Google Adsense Without Reach $100 ?

Can I receive payments from google adsense without reach $100 ?

How Do The Rich And Famous Buy Computers?

I was wondering if this is an original idea: expensive, top-of-the-line, designer case computers, with custom operating systems, security features, and peripheral connections. If the rich don’t go to Meijers for their groceries, then why would they go to Dell for their PCs?

If I Close My Google Adsense Account Will I Get My Money?

If I close my Google AdSense account (and have under $100.00 in my account), will I get all my money I have made already?

What Is The Best Stratergy For Making Money In The Forex Markey?

Not to sound cynical or anything, but new blood gets shed very quickly in this market. Three consistent winners in this field are: 1. The Firms 2. The Brokers 3. The Very Very Very Lucky Reason: there’s no way you can have as much info as someone sitting on the trading desk of a major bank.

Stick to stocks and bonds, and invest long term. Or, if you really want to gamble, play online poker. It’s safer. (Not kidding.)

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