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Doing photography course and need sites to find out more about cameras for homework

How Can I Share The Internet Connection Between Two Computers Without Using A Router ?

I have one laptop and one PC they are connected with each other through LAN but i can run the internet connection on either of the two computers. I want to share the internet connection so that i can use the internet on both the computers simultaneously. I only have one modem and no router…


Buying A Photography Digital Camera Help Please!?

I’m 16 and am really into photography. i want to minor in it in college and for my 16th b-day and christmas gift combined my parents are getting me a nice digital camera i’ve been dying to have. but i honestly don’t know what camera to get at all. any ideas?

Can I Download New Free Software For Burning Dvds?

The dvd writing software that came with my pc doesnt work properly. Can I download a new one online for free? If so what?

How Do I Get Computers Into The Work Group?

I have a network with 6 computers how do i get those computers in the work group becuase i am trying to do remote dektop and the only choice i have is picking a computer from the work group and there is nothing there

What If I Make Up A Fake Ssn/tax Id For Google Adsense?

I heard your SSN/Tax ID is needed to register for Adsense. What if I make up a fake one? And Adsense can technically be used by any one regardless of age? I know a few preteen website designers/owners myself that use them.

They need the SSN so the IRS can check if you’re tax frauding or not but what if you don’t have a job yet?

What You Think About The Forex Online Trading? More Specifically Iforex?

can it really make sort of income? is it really safe?

have you got any personal experience?

Has Anyone Who Has Used Forex Killer Got Good Results?

I was asked by a friend to buy this and I like to know.

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