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we americans like reading the phrase…’thats a bloody good pic.’

What Career Could I Do With Photojournalism And Computers?

I’m very fairly good with photo editing software on PC and mac computers and im good with computers in general and i just want to combine the two because i like them both
thanks in advance!

Where Do You Find Free Computers And Parts?

I’m looking for free unwanted, used, or broken computers and parts for repair.

I Want To Buy A Desktop Purely For Digital Photography Purposes.?

Which would you recommend? The cheaper the better!

Where Can I Get Free Software To Make Ringtones Out Of Mp3s For My Sprint Samsung A900 Cell Phone?

Anyone know where i can get software or how to make ringtones for my Samsung A900 phone. Preferably for free.

Do I Need To Change Anything In Google Analytics And Adsense When I Put My Blog On My Own Domain?

I just put my weblog on my own domain, losing the blogspot bit in the URL. WIll my Google analytics and adsense still work , or will i have to reinstall certain items ? Thanks.

How Can I Get My Parents To Learn Computers Asap?

I’m leaving for UK for the next two years on work. My parents who stay close to my house are panicking since they are emotionally dependent on me. I’d love to keep in touch with them so they don’t feel bereft. They aren’t computer savvy. How can I get them to learn computers ASAP?

Does One Need To Be Accredited In Order To Utilize Forex Trading Robots?

I’ve read some positive reviews of FAP Turbo. It is said to be accessible by anyone after it is installed. What I want to know is whether or not I have to be accredited or possess some sort of license to begin using the software.

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