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here are my questions: 1. Good digital camera to start with but comes with a LOW PRICE (A good brand and Megapixel size, I’m thinking about 10MP is good enough) 2. Do you know any books or articles in the internet that can help? (Online community will be great!) 3. Tips from pros and just starting as well are very welcome!

4. Aside from a camera, tripod and a photo editing software, what else do you need?

What Software Is Best For Creating Art Through Photography And Digital Designs?

I’m a photographer that is becoming more and more interested in combining photography and graphic design. Photoshop seems too complicated. I’d like to find something that is intuitive and can also be used to create original works.
Thank you.

Where Can I Get A Free Voice Recording Software For Nokia N70?

i need to record voice(not call) on my nokia n70. where can i get a free software for it? or may be a trial version?

How Much Traffic Would I Need On My Website To Earn Atleast 5000 Dollars A Month With Google Adsense?

its a website for myspace layouts, picture, editing, etc. and im going to advertise a lot on myspace for it, too.

ive had one of these websites before but ive never tried adsense (the other myspace had 50,000 friends. and im pretty sure i can get twice as many).

How Can I Hook Up 2 Computers To Wifi With One Computer Not Having An Ethernet Port?

I have 2 computers in different rooms of my house. I have a wireless B router, a DSL modem, and a wireless B USB Network Adapter. The problem is that one of my computers (the one that I hooked up the DSL to primarily, as the other computer isn’t near a phone jack) doesn’t have an ethernet port. I messed with the motherboard and needless to say, it’s busted. Anyway, I have all of those things and no matter what I do, it’s always one or the other computer that doesn’t get the internet. I hooked my DSL up using USB connection, but the router needs ethernet.


Is There Anyone Among You Who Is Consistently Making Money On The Forex Market?

I am interested in taking up day trading. I want to know if any of you have really succeeded at this and if they have any winning strategies/

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find A Free Dvd Player Software?

I need help. I am looking for a free software that plays DVD’s on my computer, that way I can just insert the DVD Disc into my PC and watch the Movie(s) on my PC. Does anyone know where I can find a free DVD Player Software?

How Hard Is It To Trade Forex?

Is it worth the time and effort of short trading and reading up? I am starting to read up on it, and so far it looks fun and profitable, then again i have read any of the “bad” sides yer, although ive heard rumors of people loosing all their money in it, because it is a “double edged sword”. But really, what is soo hard about it? As long as you do a lot of research on it, i should be fine? I have about $4350 and i am young (16).

Could it be good for long term?

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