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I’ve recently just taken an interest in photography and want to pursue it as a hobby. I’m wondering what’s a good starting Digital SLR camera? I know a friend whose into photography but his camera is like 1200$, and that’s without adding all his lenses and accessories…

Is There A Way To Make Your Ipod Able To Be Synced On Different Computers?

I used my sisters laptop to sync some of her music onto my iPod and then I tried to use my laptop to download more music. When I did this, the music downloaded from my sisters computer was deleted. How can i sync with both computers?

What Kind Of Money Is There To Be Made In Computers?

I am a senior in highschool and trying to decide on a career major. I am pretty decent with computers, and am looking at programing as a career option. However I am unsure if I would be satisfied with the enviornment… First of all, I do not want a depressing job where I sit at a computer desk for 8 hours a day and loose my soul. I want a job where I’m always active, and at least am somewhat enjoying it. Second, what kind of money is there to be made in computers? What jobs related to computers make the most money?


Where Is A Photoshop Class In Arizona And A Digital Photography Class In Arizona?

try the local community college, the skill center, or possibly the university if your that close to ASU, NAU or U of A.
I know, there is nothing in arizona.

Is There A Free Software Capable Of Saving Data Files To Dvd?

i want to have a free software to do backup for all my data files in my computer to a DVD disc. The total size is less than one gigabyte. is there such a software? Thanks a lot in advance.

Is Copied Continent With Permission For Google Adsense Is Illegal?

I’m Building automotive website that contain car reviews and news, and because of all information about cars is statics so about 70% – 80% of my website is copied articles but i have permission from the sites that i copied articles from, so it’s okay about copyrights but are there any problem with Google AdSense, will that affect my profit from adsense, will google consider my site MFA (made for adsense), or is it illegal for Google AdSense policy?

Is There A Way To Chat With Others On Other Computers In My House?

No, i dont want Yahoo Messenger, or AIM, or any of that. Is there anyway i can just talk to my sister or brother who is on the other computers in my house?

How To Persuade Parents For Adsense?

I want to try google adsense but my parents don’t like the idea of givin their SSN to them. Is there anyway I can persuade them like call google support and ask them is it safe and how?

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