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There are many I am sure here are a few Shutterbug.com on the right of the homepage you will see links to articles https://www.nikondigitutor.com/index_eng…. is good if you have Nikon stuff https://www.adorama.com/catalog.tpl?op=ac…https://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutoria… And for stobes www,strobist.com

I hope these help as I said I know there are others

What Type Of Computers Would You Put In An Office?

Ok I am not starting a business but I am just asking in case I get to start a business. What type of computers would you use for an office?

Digital Photography Childhood Artists? (urgent Help!)?

I’m in a studio arts class, and my theme is childhood. I can’t find any photography artists whose theme is childhood. Please help, I’m planning on focusing on the carefree aspect of childhood. Please, please help me find some digital photographt childhood artists.

Thanks so much in advance!

Any Free Software Is Available As Like A Photoshop?

Is there is any software like Adobe photoshop is available, and it should be free ware and simple to work. I would like to work only in windows platform.

What Is Step 2 After Adding Content And Placing Google Adsense On Site To Monetize It?

I made $4.36 in the first 6 hours then zip (on day 2)…well, I guess it needs time to acquire interest but what else can I do to optimize the site and what level of expectation should I have for adsense? Thanks

Are They Any Good Alternatives To Adsense For Your Web Site?

Adsense is the a pain in the *** literally. They have too many rules and they won’t send me my pin number. I have hear many complaints actually about adsense online so I am wondering if there is a good alternative. I would consider yahoo publisher but that isn’t really what I want either I am trying bidvertiser which I got today and I haven’t gotten any bids yet. How long does it take? Has anyone had any good experience personally with other ad programs?

What Exactly Is A Forex Signal?

I am beginning to learn about Forex Trading. I heard people talk about if there is a good signal you can make money from it. Or create their own signal stuff like that What exactly is a signal they are talking about?


How Do I Convert My Dvd Movies To My Ipod Video, Using Free Software?

How do I convert my DVD movies to my iPod video, using free software?

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