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BetterPhoto.com is the site that I would suggest. They have many online courses, taught by some of the best photographers in the world. It is free to become a member, and you will learn a lot from the forums, blogs, clubs, other members, etc, and well as getting a free gallery to post 30 photos. It is a family-friendly site, where photographers from all over the world are members, and we all are there to learn to be better photographers. Others have freely shared information with me before, and I do the same for them. Of course there is a charge for the courses, but take a look at the qualifications of the photographers who are teaching these courses, the books they have written, as well as their own photography! It’s great! My favorite instructor is Jim Zuckerman. When I first did my research for learning more about digital photography, I checked out lots of sites, but this is where I ended up, and have a great appreciation for the site.https://www.betterphoto.com Best wishes to you, and have fun shooting!

SORRY, I LEFT THE www OUT OF THE LINK! Just amended it now.

I transfer some of my songs to other people through messanger from my itunes songs. I have already sent my songs to 5 computers and thats the maxx you can have. How can I deauthorize some of the computers I sent my songs to? Please help! I think I do it through itunes but i am not sure how?


I’m keen to find if you have any information on why some people get headaches from watching flat screen televisions and using some computers, yet regular televisions (with a cathode ray tube) aren’t a problem. Apparently, irrespective of wearing glasses (that have the correct prescription) or not, there’s something about flat screens and computers that affects some people and not others. I’ve heard that playing some games consoles has a similar affect, too.

Any ideas? If you have any medical sources for your answers, please quote them.

I’m looking to get a digital camera, specifically for macro photography. I’d only like to spend around $500 (or less). A friend has the Canon Digital Rebel XT and it seems nice. It appears the Nikon D70 is a comparible camera. I’m not looking to go crazy with photography, but have been meaning to pick it up as a hobby for awhile. I have a decent sized cacti collection and would enjoy getting some good pictures of them. I’m just looking for a good quality camera that will last a while.

Any suggestions on a camera that would suit my purpose?

I want to find free software to see and operate my office pc from home or any other pc in the planet.
Thank you

I have this ‘love of my life’ website ( https://www.fruitsmoothierecipe.bravehost… ) , and i learned i can earn from adsnse so i put adsense codes, hoping to get good money (as promised from what i read). But i only get $1-2 a day. How can i earn more? Any suggestions?

I have 2 computers both running windows xp connected to a router which is connected to a DSL modem. Can I share a printer one one computer with the other. Please provide simple directions as I am not a networking guru.

I don’t want to use adsense and I want to try APT yahoo but not sure. Can you help? Does APT yahoo and adsense work the same way? Which one is better? Or Just tell me your story and experience with APT yahoo. PLease. Thank you.