2009 June 07 | All About Money Online

welll, it sort of depends on what sort of learner you are. some see and do, some folks need to read,and be shown… the “rules” of photography are quite basic. and until you know more, then anything complicated will just confuse you. photography is all about painting with light, it can be a chocolate box picture, or a shadow on a wall, photgraphy is subjective, not everyone shares the same opinions or views… but its about what YOU see, and how you show it to the rest of the world. exposure and composition can be learned, but with photoshop and a few skills, you can rectify errors in the PC, whereas i had to learn how in a darkroom… its the creativity the originality which are hard to “teach” and so is learnig to LOOK, and SEE. one way tp learn is by looking at other photgraphers work… some youll like, some you wont, its personal choice. but it will give you ideas, pointers, and your skills will improve. these days with digital imagery the actual cost is nothing… so start shooting. look around, and show the world where you live… its as good a starting point as any… once you begin to get creative and competent with yor camera, thens the time to start learning about lighting, mood, colour, styles and the myriad facets of photography.. and this is only the beginning, once you have the shot, you have to know how to manipulate it, crop it, dodge,burn, and apply effects… which isnt the nightmare it may seem. theres many sites to look at other peoples work. photobucket. redbucket. and wunderground. photobucket is a social networking site redbucket is a professional photographer and graphic artist site, (which sells yourwork) and wunderground, is just thousands of amazzing shots, mainly weather based, incredible landscapes, mountain ranges and wildlife pictures, including THE BEST ever lightening shots… dont get bogged down with the technical stuff, get a good camera, im an olympus user… trust your meter, and know where every button is, and every function, its a Zen thing, my camera is an extention of my arm, a window to the world i see…

and 36 years later, im still passionate about it.

I am a junior in high school and have started thinking about what I might want to do in the future. I really enjoy working with computers (especially designing and coding websites, and I’m taking a CAD course next year) but I also want to do something that will improve the world or the environment somehow.
what are some possible jobs that combine the two? I was thinking about engineering design to design things that will help improve the environment…any more suggestions?

I work for a small business and maintain about 120 computers should i hire another technical person?

I have been reading magazines and they keep on about using different exposures can somebody help me?

I want to jazz up my compaines website and I need to make moving photo’s can someone tell me how or if theres a free software.

I am using adsense. Can I publicize my blog through Chat messengers like Yahoo? Please help me whether it is legal or not.

I want a major with a combination of business in the computer field. Preferably more on the computers side.

i have brought adsense ready made website but there are too many topic.do i have to upload all the topic for hosting or only one topic for hosting and which hosting is cheaper?where do i get domains for this topics?am really confused please help me.what should i do of the cd of readymade website which i have got.