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What kind of camera is usually required? A compact digital camera like the sony cybershot or coolpix.. Or do they need something more complex than that? Is it very expensive?

How Do You Recover Files Frm A Computers Hd That Was Accidentally Reformatted?

How can you recover some files from a computers slave HD that was accidentally reformatted? What programs are out there to use? Is any free ones? Please list all them
Are files unrecoverable when the hd is reformatted?

How Do You Connect 2 Computers To Share Files?

Both computers connect to the internet with the same wireless router. We work together and want to share files. I made the folder available to share but I dont see it on the other computer. Do I need to have a hard wire (ethernet cord) to both computers?

The Physics Behind Digital Photography?

hi, okay so as a physics project we have to chose something that we use in our lives but is all thanks to physics! i find the fact that when you take a photo it magically appears on the digital screen! but what im asking is:


Is There A Free Software Where I Can Convert A Video File To A Smaller Size?

If there is, what is the name of the software? Where can I download this software? Is it for free? Is it safe? Would you recommend it?

Adsense, How Long Does It Take To Receive Payment?

How long does it take to receive payments from Google Adsense through EFT? I already verified my bank account on google.

Anyone have an experience on how long it took them?

Has Anyone Traded Forex? How Did You Do? What Is A Realistic Rate Of Return Assuming You Know What Your Doing?

I’ve done stocks and options and stuff like that. I was curious if it is worth my time to learn it.

Who Is The Best Online Broker In The Forex Market?

I have been trying several platforms and reading reviews. Virtually every platform has someone warning you it is a scam. I have forgone FXCM and I am trying Interbank right now. Does anyone have alternative suggestions? I’m looking for ease of use regarding limits, stops, fast trade execution etc.

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