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It’s 3-5 pictures. I’m just looking for something around the house or something.

Is It Possible To Limit Or Set Bandwith Use Of Computers On A Wireless Network?

I’m new to WiFi and home networking but I’m planning to set up a wirless network at my home with approximately 6 different computers connected to it. Is it possible to assign the ammount of bandwith each computer can use? Also can anyone recommend good wifi home networking software?

How Can I Copy Songs From The Ipod To Other Computers?

I have various computers, more than three and when I plug my ipod to them Itunes says that the ipod is not linked to that itunes library and that if I done so, I will lose all the songs recorded in the ipod. This is the most frustrating thing, because I own the computers and I own the songs, I can not understand why this happens and even more, what do I have to do to fix it?

Since I Got Into Digital Photography A Year Ago, I’m So Involved I’m Burning Myself Out. Suggestions?

I am intense and superfocused anyway (ADHD), and I used to write for 10 hours non-stop. Now that I’ve been involved in digital photography, I am so into it, and I’m so engrossed, I forget to eat — to the point that if someone asks me whether I ate anything that day, I have to think back and often I realize I haven’t. I also don’t sleep much. I’m good at photography, but that’s a secondary issue at the moment. How do I get control over this compulsion to create my art?

What Is The Best (free) Software That Ables You To Convert A Video To A Animated Image?

I am trying to find a free software that allows you to take a video (.avi / .mpg) and convert it (or parts of it) into a short animated .gif (picture) file. Anyone know? Thanks!

Can I Get A Tax Refund From My Adsense Earnings?

For the year 2006 and year 2008 I earned probably $8,000 USD in advertising from my website. I have not filed taxes on these earnings. This year I only earned about $1200 from a regular day job.
My question is will I be able to use that adsense revenue as income and possibly get a return back? I don’t have any children.

How Do I Easily Network To Xp Computers With The Wireless Router And Adapter Already In Place?

I have two computers and I need to network them together. Mostly I want to share the printer! I have it so I can use the internet but when I ping there is no real communication b/n the two. If I try to print it comes out blank! Please Help!!!

Can You Set Up An Adsense Account And Post Ads To Weebly Without Losing Your Revenue?

I recently started working on a website with weebly.com, and they have the option to use adsense by drag and drop method, but they take half of your revenue. My question is, that if I use weebly, and create my own adsense account and just paste the codes myself, can weebly still take my revenue?

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