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I want to start toying around with some photography of nature, animals, people, etc. I would like to get a good digital camera but don’t need something for professionals since this will be my first time working with this type of photography. I don’t have a ton of money to spend so I would prefer low prices but would probably spend up to $300 if necessary. My questions are: What is a point and shoot camera? And what type of camera I should get? And any tips on photography and beginning photography would be very appreciated!

How Did The Stock Trading Work In The Old Days When There Were No Computers?

Like nowadays we have computers which we use to order and give the command to execute our orders at a certain time, most of the time live. How did it work in the days like for example the 1930s and 1940s?

What Is The Term Metering In Digital Photography

Metering refers to measuring the amount of light coming from the subject in order to determine the correct exposure.

Can I Download Free Sound Recording And Editing Software For My Computer?

I manage a band, and we are gonna produce a demo CD and we would like to do it with as little money as possible because thats all we have. Is there free software like that?

Adsense: How Do I Know Which Revenue Is Coming From Which Blog?

This is driving me crazy. I keep looking at the different tabs in my AdSense, but I can’t figure it out. I know that there are channels, but I don’t know how to enter the channel codes into my blogs. My blogs’ settings have fields for the regular AdSense code, that’s all. How do I keep track of clicks and page impressions, specific to each blog that I have set up with AdSense?

Any information would be great.

How To View Other Computers On My Network With My Vista Computer?

I have a home network on my xp desktop and all my other laptops are connected to it and sharing files and a printer. I have a new vista laptop that is connected to the home network and working with the internet but i don’t know how to view other computers or printers. How can i view the other computers on my vista laptop? 10pts to best answer


How Do You Put Google Adsense Into A Blogger Article?

I want to insert Adsense into an article, so text will be above and below it. When I just put the code into the HMTL on the Blogger, it doesn’t show up even after 10 minutes. Do I need a table code? Nothing else seems to work.
Thanks, best answer will be chosen!

Where Do I Find Good Currency Charts For Forex?

I’m loking for currency charts to keep up on a separate monitor. I’ve found one site with just charts so far, but I’m looking for something just a bit easier on the eyes.

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