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Photoshop (learn it, ace it, master it, keep it, take it, get it, and a must have). There is nothing that can compare to all the possibilities Photoshop has.

Can I Connect 2 Computers Together Using A Crossover Cable And Still Get Wireless Internet On One Of Em?

I have 2 computers running windows xp and one has a wireless connection and the other doesnt. I want to set up a network (using a crossover cable) so that i can transfer files to the computer without an internet connection. My main concern is, will this mess up my wireless connection? And can i be connected to wireless and the other computer at the same time?

As A Photographer, I Would Like To Know Your Opinion As To Which You Prefer; Film Or Digital Photography?

I find working in dark room more rewarding and I enjoy being able to control the colors, choosing my subjects portrailal by selecting and being able to fade my backgrounds, and black and white photos just seem more dramatic to me when I am able to control all that in my processing technic as well and in the darkroom itself, how do you feel about this? Do you really thing that the computer gives enough options, gives you the ability to really express yourself in the programs we have to work with?

What Is A Good, Free Software To Burn A Vcd Of A Slideshow Of Pictures?

I want to burn a VCD which can be in a slideshow format as a gift for someone. I might want to add captions to the pictures too. What is a good and free software to do this? Anyone knows?

What Free Websites Allow You To Categorize Blogs, Allow Google Adsense And Your Own Domain Name?

I’ve found that the majority of free website creators don’t have a blog category option and the blog websites don’t allow adsense ads. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How Can I Know How Many Computers Are Connected To My Network?

I have Aztech router and I want to know how many computers are linked to my network. If there is any tool that I can use to know it would be great.

How Can You Earn Money If You Have Your Own Web Site Without Using Google Adsense?

There are many ideas about earning money using your own web site. But need to know what are the best ways. Specially when you do away with google adsense, can you still eran such money with other systes? CJ and Linkshare are not good places to earn money until your site become more famous. Adbrite pays a less amount. Any suggestions plz

How Much Volume Moves The Forex Market 1 Pip?

Does anyone know in order to move the forex market 1 pip, (say on EURUSD with a retail broker), how much volume would need to go in at a specific price point? To contrast with the stock market, if we look at a thinly traded stock, buying a few hundred shares may be enough to move the stock up a penny.

How does it work with forex?

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