2009 July | All About Money Online – Part 3

I am from India and I am 14 now. i have 16 websites and all of them can be found at www.mylobbyofsites.tk . I just started adsense and earned 28$ in one week. Well, now i got an e-mail that my account has been disabled. Can I apply for another account from the same IP address by using different E-mail?

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In What Areas Of Computers Are Computer Teachers Most Needed?

Say between computer science/programming to the business area of computers. I’d like to teach high school.

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What Are Some Alternatives To Adsense That Will Be Okay With Advertising On Sites With Adult Content?

Sell ads and swap links. Phone line ads Personals

Adult toy stores ads

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Is It Possible To Get A Big Profit Trading A Gold On Goods Market As On Forex?

yes you have to watch what the commercials are doing – are they buying or selling gold?

I can help you if you contact me

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Hi,how Can I Choose/know An Effective Broker In Forex Business Who Will Not Rip Me Of My Money?

Give me 10 examples who dont ask much money for opening account with

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Where Can I Find A Forex Chart In 15 Minute Candles That Has A History Of Over A Month For Back Testing?

This is a free website with forex charts for up to one year period


You are able to get charts for wide number of instruments. Another way is to open demo account with https://www.z-forex.com and dowloand history for fx rates from trading platform. Platform is very nice itself, it has more then 40 technical indicators with black box trading facility. Even you may program a scrip for auto trading based on your own indicators.

Good luck in back testing

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What Digital Slr Is Good For A Beginning Photography Student?

You would think that the only cameras being made are Nikon and Canon. D40! XTi! Both are good cameras but IMO are rather lacking in features. Pentax and Sony both have their version of Image Stabilization (IS) in the camera body. Every lens you use with either of them will have the benefit of IS, not just certain lenses which cost more for that feature. Since Sony bought the DSLR line from Konica-Minolta and kept the Minolta Maxxum A-mount, every Minolta Maxxum AF lens made since 1985 has full functionality with the Sony Alpha series cameras. So instead of having to pay for AF when you buy a lens you already have it. Pentax has steadfastly kept its venerable K-mount first introduced in 1975. Every AF K-mount lens has complete functionality with the Pentax K series cameras. Plus, you can use every manual focus K-mount lens made since 1975. No need to pay for AF every time you buy a lens.

Having said all that, you’d be wise to check with the school and see what type of camera is required. If its a good school, you’ll probably need a 35mm 100% manual film camera. If so, buy a Pentax K1000 – its considered the best student camera.

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What Is The Best Canon Lens To Use For Fashion Photography With A Digital Camera.?

In the film world, you would use something in the 85-105 range. You would need to see what that translates to on your particular digital camera.

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