2009 July | All About Money Online – Part 2

I have downloaded some movies in .avi format and am trying to burn to a dvd but I have to convert to dvd format first. Does anybody know where I can obtain free software programs that can do this?

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Canon Rebel Digital Camera, Any Online Photography Courses?

I just purchased a Digital Rebel and wondered if anyone knew of anywhere online I could take a course or tutorial on how to get the most out of it and all its features.

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How Do You Add Google Adsense Into Phpnuke?

When google adsense asks for a password and user name to get into member areas, it asks for a Authentication URL:. What is that in PHP Nuke and what is the Restricted Directory or URL.
this is in Google adsense Site Authentication.

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I Want To Satrt A Website To Make Money Using Google Adsense. What Is The Best Subject My Site Should Be About

In order to have good income.

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How Can I Learn On Forex?

all i want to do is learn on FOR EX (Foreign Exchange) currency without having to sign up for anything. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

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How Safe Is Investment In Forex?

In my opinion Forex does not fall into the realm of investments. It is in the realm of speculation. And speculations are NOT safe. Actually, investments are not safe either. Some such as CDs and T-bills are safer than others such as investments in stocks but they all have risk.
Taking a currency position in the Forex is a speculation that that currency is going to perform better or worse than other currencies. If you speculate incorrectly, you can loose big.

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I’m Looking For A Forex Broker That Is Scalper Friendly That Has Fixed 1 Pip Spread For Eur/usd?

Does anyone know of one?

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How Do I Create My Own Green Screen For Digital Photography W/out Buying One?

I have just created a website for models. I don’t have enough money to buy a green screen for models to take pics on front of. Is there a way I can create my own green screen without having to buying one to use for my digital photography? I already have a digital photographer, to do great photoshoots. However, I want to create my own green screen so I can takes pictures soley for creating graphics to use for my websites. Can anyone help me? 10 points to the best answer (I PROMISE) Thanks in advance,


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