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film technology based camera such as Nikon have reached a level of maturity that enabled someone to use the camera for many years. I would like to know if it is worthwhile to invest in the Nikon D200 or do digital SLRs have weaknesses that might be resolved over the next few years.

Can Two Computers Be Used At The Same Time In A Household?

I use to have Comcast using two computers and now it doesn’t work anymore. Is this when someone needs a router for a computer?

How Will Port Forwarding For My Xbox Affect Other Computers On My Network?

I want to use port forwarding for my xbox, and have insgructions on doing it, but I’m afraid that it will cause the computers on my home wireless network to stop connecting to the internet. Do I have to set up each computer individually?

How Do I Add Google Adsense To My WordPress Blog?

i made a blog through wordpress.com and want to make a few bucks with google adsense. how do i go about adding it to my blog? what all do i need to do make a few dollars with it? thanks in advance!

How Can I Connect Up Two Computers?

I want to learn a bit about networking. I suppose theres no better place to start than by connecting up two computers. How can i do this and is there any sites you know of with useful info about this?

Forex Loss And How To Report It On Tax-cut Software?

Please help! I have a loss of nearly 3,000 USD from forex trading, I am using tax-cut from HR and there seems to be no place to report the loss except as a carry over loss, but since this happened in 2006 I can’t do that either. I went under stocks etc. , that does not seem to be the right place either!

Is There Indonesian Community For Forex Trading Speciality In Gbpusd?

i’d like to share forex trading in indonesian

Where Can I Find A Cheerleading Music Mixing Software For My Computer For Free?

I need to make a cheerleading routine for my squad. Please help me find a free downloadable software for music mixing.

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