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It shouldn’t be too expensive. (my mom’s buying it for me) but it needs to be at least 7 mp. I’d really like pink or another color if possible. I’d find one my self but i know nothing about cameras.

How Do I Set Up 4 Computers To Play Multiplayer Halo (combat Evolved) Without Internet?

I am trying to get 4 computers to play each other through Ethernet cables only? is this possible? If not….what do i need?

I Need Help Understanding Macro Lens For Digital Photography Pictures Of Teeth, What To Buy.?

At our dental office we are just starting to look for a digital camera to take very close pictures of teeth. The problem is we are all amatures at photography or digital cameras. I said we need a macro lens to do this. Some else said we need zoom capability, I don’t think that is right. I suggested we need a digital SLR like a nikon rebel, of course with a flash too. Does it need to be a “ring” flash? I know nikon rebels are $800 and up, and the macro lens would be a separate expense too, right? Some else at the office was hoping we could do this with a much cheaper camera, I said “in your dreams”!

Please advise…

How Do I Get Free Antivirus Software As A Poor College Student?

My Norton Antivirus Software lapsed a few days ago and they want $69.99 for 2 years. My Dad is real mad that I let it lapse, so how can I get free antivirus protection on a college campus?

Can We Use Two Google Adsense From 1 Computer?

My brother has made a Google Adsense user in the PC which he use often.I would like to make a new user of my own, from another PC to the same Address (that is our house). Will I be able to make the ID to the same Address and will we be able to Sign in from the same PC?

Has Anyone Any Experience Of The Saxo Bank Forex Trading Platform?

I’m thinking of opening a FOREX trading account with SAXO Bank – and would like to canvas the views of someone wh has used them before

Is There Free Software I Can Use To Give My Pictures A Black Or White Background?

i’m selling items on the internet and i want to white out or black out the background. is there a free software (without spam) that i can download to fix my pictures?

What Is The Career Called When U Work With Computers?

whats the career called when u work with computers fixing, building, and programing on the computer,

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