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I’m trying to figure out what to sign up for 12th grade. I was originally going to have my electives be Leadership and Digital Photography (the latter to satisfy an occupational credit required to graduate). But I really want to take Environmental Science, and the only way this is possible is if I do not do those classes. If I chose that route I’d somehow have to do 75 hours of occupational education on my own time (I’m not even sure what that constitutes). And I wouldn’t get to do leadership with my friends, which I was hoping to do. However I really want to take Environmental Science and I’m not sure which is more worth it… any suggestions?

Are Filters Useful For Digital Photography?

I was cleaning out my closet, and found a bunch of filters I used on my 35mm film camera back in high school…I never mastered the use of filters then, would they be useful for digital photography? Like a ND filter, polarizing filter and so on? Or can their effects be simulated just with photoshop? I’m from the school of thought to get it right the first time, not to rely on photoshop so much…but like I said, I never mastered filters before, so are they worth learning and mastering when and where to use them?

I Wish To Design A Good Web Page With Database Function. Which Free Software (tool) Should I Use?

As a school teacher, i wish to upload my students marks so they could access online. How to do that and which free software to use. It should be compatible with open os and windows.

How Do I Earn Money Through Google Adsense?

How much will I paid when someone clicks my ads in my blog site?

Which Is The Best Forex Robot Presently, & How Can It Be Bought?

so many buzz about fapturbo, forex autoplilot, forex boomerang & the rest, but in most fx trading competitions, you don’t see people using them.

Can I Start Forex With Least $50 As A Capital?

dear friend, i would like to venture myself in forex world. Can u suggest me which forex platform/broker allows to open an account with minimmum $50. I have already tried some demo accounts, now I just wanna giva a try with real money.

What Free Downloadable Software Can I Use To Rip Audio Off A Youtube Video?

Audacity does not work, and I need audio clips from some youtube videos for a project I’m working on. It would be nice if the software was easy to use too First answer with working link to free downloadable software gets the 10 points

Oh, and before anything gets said about copyrights, I am going to contact the people whose videos they are to ask for permission to use the audio.

Online Forex Affiliate Program And Forex Platform: Which Is The Best Pick In Online Forex?

Every forex affiliate program or forex platform claims to be the best one around. We manage https://www.forexhelvetia.com/affiliate.htm (forex affiliate signup) and https://www.forexhelvetia.com/demo.htm (free forex account signup) and would like to know which are the best forex sites out there, in your opinion. Thanks for sharing your views!


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