2009 July 27 | All About Money Online

I’m going to major in Digital Photography and am looking for PC laptops only, not Macs. I’ve worked on both and because I was raised on PC’s, I don’t like macs. So what are your suggestions for laptops with high storage, high graphics, and high speed? Also, I’m looking for one with a 17″ screen.

If you’re going to say Mac, please save my time and yours and don’t bother posting because I’m never going to consider one for starting college with. Not to sound rude, but I’ve just noticed it happen.

I am trying to write a project on the role of computers on education. Thank you for your help and suggestion.

I rec’d a Nikon D60 as a wedding gift as I have always had a passion for photography and my husband knew I was dying to persue it. My questions are: 1. Where should I go to learn more about digital photography? There is the New England Art Insitute near me in Massachusetts or is there any courses online that may be useful? 2. In order to make $ for my photos, where do I start? 3. I need a photo editting software and I believe Photoshop is the best. Should I take a course on that also?

Help!! Thank you

I’m looking for charting software that’s free and has decent analysis features for use with the forex market, doesn’t need to have like tick charts.
Thank you.

There are a few games that come with those old computers, and I downloaded them once but I forgot the name of them, and I want to find them.

You will find mass amounts of information on the Internet about Forex. Just search the terms you are looking for and you shall receive. Is there one thing in particular that you are looking for?

If so, how have you done?

Can any one tell me if they have expirence in using this software for safe trading?? Any suggestion are welcomed. Thanks in advance