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In 1969 October 17th George Smith and Willard Boyle invented the charge coupled device or the CCD as we know it. This device was originally made for use in computers as a semi-conductor memory. These inventors of the CCD were also thinking about ways to incorporate their device into video phones. With all of their plans and sketches finalized Smith and Boyle finally built the CCD into the world’s first CCD camera. This changed the history of digital photography altogether. The camera that was built by them was a solid state video camera. During 1975 the CCD camera with its image sharp pictures was shown on television for the first time. The image that was shown was clear enough to be seen by the viewers of television. In the history of digital photography the first prototype of the digital camera was created by Sony in1981. This digital camera was called Mavica which meant Magnetic Video Camera. The Sony Mavica was essentially a video camera that was used to capture video freeze-frames. In 1986 Kodak scientists invented the first megapixel senor. This senor was capable of recording 1.4 million pixels. These were capable of producing a 5 x 7 inch digital photo quality print. In 1987 Kodak released 7 products that had the ability to manipulate digital images. In 1991 Kodak in partnership with Nikon, released the Nikon F-3 camera. This camera was equipped with a 1.3 megapixel sensor by Kodak. This shows how the history of digital photography merged scientific know-how to produce a digital camera.

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I Have Microsoft Office Installed On Three Computers. Can I Install It On A Fourth?

Do I need to uninstall it on one of my other computers? Please keep it simple as I am a muppet when it comes to computers.

What Charity Foundation Who Is Willing To Donate Books Art Materials & Computers For School In The Philippines

this is needed for our school cause of the lack of fundings and we only have 54 students ages 3 to 12 to assist their education we have to improve our Library section which we have to fill up with reference books art materials and computers for research and development of the children studying in our school.

I Want To Start Learning Photography. Is Digital Better Than Slr? How About Digital Slr?

The only advantage to an SLR camera is that you are composing your picture looking thru the lens. SLR digital cameras are super expensive. The middle level camera you can focus thru the viewfinder just as well as you can thru the lens……..how much are you ready to spend?……………..

On What Free Software Can You Convert Your Movies To Psp Files Which Can Be Viewed On Your Psp?

I need a free software which would allow me to convert my movies into psp files and a free psp video manager. Both softwares shouldn’t have watermarks or any trademarks like being displayed when I view these converted files on psp.

How Can I Earn More Money With Google Adsense?

Any one knows how to get more earnings with google adsense. O

Where & How Can I Download Forex Trading Software I.e Fx (forex, Stock,currency)software Online For Free?

I know https://forexfreedownload.com which allows to download the Fx trading software, foreign Currency Exchange Software, Stock Trading Software, Online currency trading software, free Forex Strategy Builder software, forex trading software.
I need to know few more good,popular & best Forex software,trading software and from where i can Download the software instantly and begin using it.

Is There Any Forex Funnel Software Available Which Is Cheap And Realiable?

I’m a newbie in this forex field and i would hope to learn more on this. But i’m lazy to explore from the net so i’m asking a favour from you guys for the software.

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