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How Do Computers Keep Track Of The Date And Time, Even When They’re Turned Off And Unplugged?

Other appliances like microwaves and ovens that have an internal clock lose track of the time when you unplug them. Why not computers?

35mm Photography And Digital Photography? Please Help!?

I am going to be taking a 35mm photography course and digital photography course over the summer, and i need help finding the right cameras. For digital photography, I was recommended to purchase a cannon powershot camera along with a sandisk sd – 512 MB card, an ‘impact AA NIMH 2700 mah BATT (4) w/ 4 hour chargers, and a canon PSC-85 soft case f/PS a series. as for 35 mm photography, they recommed a canon EOS rebel K2 w/28-90 III kit/USA. I DONT UNDERSTAND ANY OF THIS! please, help me intrepet or send links as to where to purchase these

Hi, I Need To Know If There Is Any Free Software I Can Use To Load Pictures And Mp3 Songs To My Motorola V3?

I really need the software. I have a data cable, so all I need is a software such a pc to phone software kit. And I really don´t have money to buy one so if there is one for free, tell me where I can find it.

How Do Computers Always Know What The Correct Time Is?

I’ve been wondering, how do computers, regardless of how long they’re turned off, always know the correct time?

How Does Adsense Work On Your Blog?

Do they provide the ads to put on your blog or what actually happens once your create your web?

I Am Interested In Trading Forex, Anyone Know Of A Site That Requires Minimal Startup Trading Rate?

I would like to give it a try with a start up of $100 or less, any clues?

Is There Any Free Software For Data Compression On Pen Drive ?

i have a moserbaer 8gb pen drive and i wanted a free data compression software like the one on sony pendrive’s (virtual expander).

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