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Go to your local library. In addition to the numerous books on composition, lighting and technique, there will be LOTS of books by master photographers and photojournalists. Study them intensely. Then try to replicate certain lighting situations or subjects. Don’t worry about copying others work – “amateurs borrow, professionals steal.” Any honest artist will tell you they’ve copped ideas and more from artists they admire. It’s one of the best ways to learn photography. Also, be very critical of your work. Look at your shots (even your best … ESPECIALLY your best) and ask yourself how you could have made it a better photo.

And remember the sage advice of Henri Cartier-Bresson – “Your first 10,000 shots are your worst.”

Can I Use Differnent Computers With My Ipod?

I have a video iPod which is programed to a previous computer. I would like to get new songs from new computers without deleting my old ones. Is there a way to do this?

Can You Use A Router To Let Other Computers Connect To A Wifi Signal?

I am currently connected to the internet by a wireless signal, I was wondering if i could use my wired router to somehow allow other computers connected to the router, connect to the internet as well.

How Has Photography Changed Since The Advent Of Digital Technology?

The manner in which its done and the meaning? Thanks


Can I Find A Free Recording Software For My Nokia 7610 Without Beep?

I have tried many call recording software for my nokia 7610 but i cant find a free software that will record the conversation without beep i dont want the other person to know that the call is being recorded

What Is The Meaning Of Swap In Forex Trading Platform?

Visit this site https://netnew.tripod.com and research online trading or finance page etc.

Where Can I Get Free Software?

I bought a used laptop and need to get anti virus, cleaning and tweaking software, and audio video software. I’m talking about legal downloads, and not the free-trial crap.

How To Connect 2 Computers To One Printer One?

I have an epsom dx4050 printer and i need to use it with 2 computers
my computers are wireless connected to bt home hub but my printer is Not wireless.

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